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Former major league baseball player strikes out on 'Survivor'

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Jeff Kent of Texas has seen his fair share of competition over the years while playing baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets, Cleveland Indians, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers. But despite his experience, this retired 44-year-old athlete couldn't prevent his tribe mates from voting him off the island during the CBS hit reality show, 'Survivor.' 

Kent started the season on the Kalabaw tribe which was able to avoid tribal council until the teams merged. During this week's episode, returning player Jonathan Penner won individual immunity, protecting him from being voted off. Contestants also learned that both Malcolm and Abi-Maria had hidden immunity idols in their possession which quickly left the remaining players scrambling to determine who among them should be sent home. The team eventually decided the athletic and competitive Kent should exit the game. I recently spoke with Kent who now becomes the second member of the jury on Survivor: Philippines. Here's what he had to say. 

The Maine Edge: You were really upset about being voted off last night. During your confessional, you voiced just how angry you were. What's worse - losing a crucial baseball game or getting voted off of Survivor?

Kent: I don't think I have anything to change from my rant [at the end of the show]. I hate to lose. I wanted to win this game. I've played in the biggest game in the world and you get angry when you don't win the World Series. I'm a little bitter but that's my competitive nature.

TME: Do you wish you would've revealed that you were a former major league baseball player? Do you think it would've helped you get further in the game?

Kent: I may have thought about it if I ever thought I had become a threat to somebody. But nowhere was I ever a threat but the last 15 minutes of the game. It just never came up. It never dawned on me I should've thrown that secret out. I was able to play [the game] being like everyone else and I really appreciated that.

TME: You said you had a strong alliance with Penner, Skupin, and Carter. Do you now wish you would've tried to align with Pete, Abi, and Artis prior to last night's tribal council?

Kent: Yes that's one of the arguments we had at the final tribal council that you didn't see. I hollered at Pete and said, 'You never made an effort to try and make an alliance with me.' But it didn't make the cut. As the game was playing out, I didn't like Pete or Abi that much. I was focused on Penner, Carter, Denise, and Malcolm. If anything, my end game sucked and I got burned.

TME: Now that you're on the jury, what do the final three or two need to say or do to convince you to award them the million dollars?

Kent: Me, personally, I walked in with baggage which was [being a] celebrity and baseball player. I'm so beyond that. I'm going to give the money to who earned it. That's what I'm going to base my money on. I'm going to award the trophy to who deserves it.

Survivor: Philippines airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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