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Eddie Munster's haunted mansion

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Butch Patrick and his wife, Leila, in a photo he posted on Twitter after she accepted his wedding proposal. The couple recently moved into his late grandmother's mansion, which they say is haunted. Butch Patrick and his wife, Leila, in a photo he posted on Twitter after she accepted his wedding proposal. The couple recently moved into his late grandmother's mansion, which they say is haunted. (Photo via Twitter)

Butch Patrick talks ghosts, 'The Munsters' and more

For two years, between 1964 and 1966, Butch Patrick (born Patrick Alan Caples) was part of one of television's funniest and spookiest families - 'The Munsters.' As Eddie Munster, Patrick was a young werewolf who led an otherwise ordinary life with his family of monster misfits in a haunted mansion at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

As a first-time newly-married adult (the 63-year old actor married Leila Murray on Sept. 10) Patrick recently moved into an 1875 Queen Anne Victorian mansion in Macon, Missouri, previously owned by his late grandmother.

'She was a big antique dealer and I lived with her in Geneseo, Illinois, when I was called away to do The Munsters,'' Patrick told me in a phone interview last Friday. 'During the two-year window when I was in the show, she moved to Missouri and I went to stay with her after the show ended. I grew to love the home and the town.'

Four years ago, Patrick received a call from a friend, telling him that the home was about to be foreclosed upon and appeared ready for demolition.

'That's when I called a realtor and started making arrangements to save the house,' Patrick explained.

After closing on the home one year ago, Patrick moved in this past March, only to discover he wasn't living alone.

'My sister told me, I can't believe you're going to live in grandma's house. Don't you realize it's haunted?'' Patrick said.

Patrick's sister told him that the house is inhabited by a ghost named Miss Ruby who makes frequent appearances by the home's grand staircase. After conducting research on the home and calling in a team of paranormal experts, Patrick learned that the home is not only haunted but 'extremely haunted.'

'They told me that the home was built on a vortex that turned the house into a kind of Grand Central Station of ghost travel on our property,' he said.

While Patrick has yet to actually see a ghost, his wife has experienced many encounters in her short time there.

'Some people are very in-tune with this sort of thing and some aren't,' Patrick explains. 'I am apparently not one of those people but Leila is. For the first three nights she came to visit, we made it until 9:00 p.m. before she would say, That's it, we're going to a hotel.''

Patrick claims that his wife captured video footage of a ghost near the front door of the home just last week.

'A head appeared in the doorway and you can see it in the video,' he told me. 'It's illuminated and pulsating and then it sticks out before it just disappears. When we blew up the image, you can see a scary face. There's no doubt about it. It's there.'

Leila, Patrick said, has grown accustomed to their otherworldly housemates since the couple moved in.

'At first, she was really freaked out but now she jokes that the ghosts are afraid of her,' he said with a laugh. 'She has taken photos that reveal faces in the walls and in the floors. You can see outlines of people standing on the landing of the stairway. The people who lived in the home before me helped me clean it out. When we were doing that, we kept hearing girls' voices giggling and there were really strange smells.'

Prior to his current specter-filled existence, Patrick had been in negotiations to host a new reality series.

'A friend introduced me to Kevin Harrington of 'Shark Tank' who had just signed a deal with a production company in California. I had an idea for a show about me moving back to the Midwest from Hollywood. It was going to be kind of an 'Eddie Munster meets Andy of Mayberry in The Twilight Zone' sort of thing.

Now, the focus of the new series has shifted to reflect Patrick's current haunted homelife.

'The show will be called 'Property Horrors,' he told me. 'We'll showcase other homes that are haunted and help the people who live there. We'll have teams of paranormal experts come in, find out what's there and try to make the place a little more ghost-friendly.'

Patrick says he's hoping the new series will land on Syfy or The History Channel. 'We'll be in production by the end of this year and hopefully airing the first episode in the spring.'

Patrick told me that during his 'Munsters' years, his best friend among the cast was Al Lewis who played Grandpa a vampire character who had the ability to turn into a bat. He jokes that Lewis (who passed away in 2006) recently paid a visit to his haunted house in Macon.

'We had a bat living with us for quite a while until the new roof was put on the house,' he says. 'He seemed to only show up when Leila was around which is why I called him Grandpa. He was always chasing the ladies on that show.'

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