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Doug Stanhope talks 'No Place Like Home'

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For his 14th live comedy special, called 'No Place Like Home,' Doug Stanhope recorded and filmed the show at the Bisbee Royale, a theater in Bisbee, Arizona (population: 5,700). It's the town he calls home and the place where, he says, he can 'be a hermit' and escape the grind of life on the road.

'No Place Like Home' is available for viewing, streaming and downloading on most digital platforms. One of the funniest and most outspoken comics working today, Stanhope's comedy is edgy but not without heart (although he would probably take exception with that assessment). I spoke to him last week about the new special.

Stanhope: Hey thanks. I wish you wouldn't say I'm one of the funniest comics today because today I stink. I'm doing a lot of interviews today and I'm stinking to as many people as I can possibly stink to.

TME: A couple of days ago, you tweeted: 'My Xanax is kicking in. I'm no longer responsible for any more tweets, texts or typing of any kind. Tomorrow I quit drinking for a couple of days.' Is that still in effect?

Stanhope: No, that went out of effect this morning when these interviews started. Right now, I'm sitting in a Suburban behind a hotel, smoking cigarettes and drinking bourbon and Coke. I'm gettin' hammered for this. And I'm still no longer responsible for any tweets.

TME: For your new special, 'No Place Like Home,' you filmed and recorded at a theater in Bisbee, Arizona, where you live. Everyone in Bisbee must know who you are. Do you feel a little like a goldfish sometimes?

Stanhope: No, I have a big fence. I have a social circle that I've developed but I don't really hang out at bars in town. I moved there for a reason: To get away from all of the s--t you put up with on the road. I see enough big towns so when I go home, I'm pretty much a hermit. It's not like being a comic on a cruise ship. If you suck on a cruise ship, you have to see those people every single day for the rest of the cruise. They hate you. They'll be behind you in line at the buffet or playing shuffleboard next to you. But that's just for a week. If I suck in my own town, I have to see those people for the rest of my life. They'll be behind me at Safeway. It will be the guy giving me the eye test at the DMV. We took a little bit of a chance, but I like this special.

TME: In your shows, you don't hold back. Political correctness doesn't really exist in that environment. Have you ever done a bit that you later felt might have gone too far?

Stanhope: No, but I was just talking about this with my manager here in a Suburban behind a hotel, drinking bourbon and Coke. I don't really know if Trump is really going to be as bad as he's promoting. He might accidentally be an all-right President. But I would never say that out loud. I wouldn't tweet that because I don't have anything to back it up. The comedy community is going 'maybe he's just entertaining.' I still have some hope that maybe he's pranking everyone and will actually be a decent guy. That's something I'm afraid to say out loud, but not to a guy in Maine. What, am I not going to get booked again at that sushi bar where I played in Bangor?

TME: (laughing) When you were in Portland a couple of years ago, you tweeted something like 'Worst show of the tour; my fault' but then the next morning, you tweeted 'best hangover burritos are in Yarmouth.'

Stanhope: On yeah. I wish I could remember her name and the name of the place where she worked. She tweeted me. It said 'Hey, I know it's a little off the beaten path but if you want to stop in for a burrito, we're big fans.' To have a big fan in a small town like that? So I went and the burritos were great but I can't remember the name of the place. Google 'Yarmouth burritos' and you'll probably find it.

TME: The executive producer of 'No Place Like Home' is Johnny Depp. What is his involvement in the show?

Stanhope: He has a production company and we're friends so he said 'I'll put my name on that.' I like him; he's a fan. He's a friend but he was a fan first and he wanted to produce it so I said 'Yeah, put your god--n name on it.'

TME: Ricky Gervais said this about you: 'He is the most important standup working today.' I would dine on that for about a month. What was your reaction?

Stanhope: Hang on. The Johnny Depp not so much as the Ricky Gervais? You kind of downplayed the Depp compared to the Gervais and I want to know where your priorities stand. Do you want me and my Trump army to come after you? (Note: He couldn't quite get that last line out without busting up laughing)

TME: Depp is great ' there's no denying that - but I'm just a bigger fan of Ricky Gervais.

Stanhope: Wow. I hear Ricky Gervais is very popular.

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