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Comedian Michelle Wolf: ‘Society should be a little less woke’

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Comedian Michelle Wolf: ‘Society should be a little less woke’ (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Comedian, writer and TV host Michelle Wolf dissects gender differences, claims that women are way grosser than men, and suggests society become ‘a little less woke’ in her new Netflix comedy special, “Michelle Wolf: Joke Show.”

Perhaps best known as the controversial host of the 2018 White House Correspondent’s Dinner, in which she skewered both the president and the media, Wolf has been a writing supervisor on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” a contributing writer to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” and later host of the Netflix talk show “The Break with Michelle Wolf.”

Wolf checked in with The Maine Edge to discuss “Joke Show” and some of its buzzworthy moments.

The Maine Edge: I agree wholeheartedly with your observation that women have to deal with menstrual cycles because men wouldn’t be able to handle it. That is spot-on accurate, in my opinion.

Wolf: Thank you, it’s one of my favorite jokes. The entire six-minute clip is on my Instagram feed if you’d like to see it. It’s a fun subject for me to get into, for me at least. A lot of guys will say “You shouldn’t talk about periods,” but it’s constantly happening to us! Even if we’re at a different point in our cycle, it’s so uncomfortable.

The Maine Edge: Some viewers might take issue with your suggestion that society would be better off as a whole if it were “a little less woke.”

Wolf: I think everyone is looking for a reason to be angry these days. We can get mad at anything which is so silly. Do something else with your life (laughs), direct that energy into something else. Everyone wants to feel like a hero, so they point things out online that people are doing wrong or said wrong or whatever. Get a hobby. Start brewing beer in your garage or something. Find something fun to do and stop picking people apart for no reason. There are legitimate reasons to get mad at people and then there are reasons that make you roll your eyes so hard, they fall out of your head.

The Maine Edge: You have a lot of experience in writing for late-night television. Of the number of jokes written, what percentage actually make it to air?

Wolf: It really depends on the writers. You have 10 to 15 people writing for you on those shows. We would probably write between 10 to 50 jokes per day each. A lot of them end up on the cutting room floor but they deserve to be there. You need to write the bad jokes just to get the good one out. I’m probably king of getting the bad jokes out before you get to the good one, but I have a theory about that. If you have nine bad jokes, they were just sitting on top of the 10th good one.

The Maine Edge: Do you have a preferred time of day to write? When do you think you’re the funniest?

Wolf: I’m better in the afternoon and evening but that doesn’t really work for those shows. You’ve got to be able to write in the morning, so you force yourself to do it, but I find that things come to me more clearly when I’m awake.

The Maine Edge: Is it more satisfying to not only write it but to also deliver it yourself, as you do on your Netflix special?

Wolf: They’re both great in their own respects. I love writing for myself and performing it, as I think any selfish comic should, but it’s also nice to write for other people in their point of view and have them deliver a joke that works.

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