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Brother defeats brother on Survivor: Blood vs. Water'

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Aras Baskauskas Aras Baskauskas

He lasted 25 days on 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water,' and although Aras Baskauskas (of 'Survivor: Panama' fame) didn't win the $1 million prize, he did walk away with a lifetime of 'Survivor' memories he can share with his brother and fellow player, Vytas Baskauskas. I recently spoke with Aras about his 'Survivor' experience this season and which remaining player he thinks has the best shot to win the game.

The Maine Edge: Being a returning player, did you think you had a shot at the million dollars or that you'd be a target?

Baskauskas: Both. I thought I'd be a target and that I'd win.

TME: When you were blindsided were you shocked or because you'd played the game before, did you enjoy the move?

Baskauskas: I was shocked, bummed out but impressed with the move.

TME: What about your time on Redemption Island?

Baskauskas: That was rough. It wasn't my favorite place to hang out. It kind of reminded me of Exile Island, which is where I was the first time I played.

TME: You were able to have your brother there [on Redemption Island]. Did you have some bonding time?
Baskauskas: Yeah, it was great. We really enjoyed ourselves there and had a great time together.

TME: How has your relationship with your brother changed?

Baskauskas: We're a lot closer now. He's part of the 'Survivor' family for sure now. That's something we'll treasure for the rest of our lives.

TME: What did you think of Ciera's move to vote off her own mother?

Baskauskas: She stuck her neck out to save her mother initially and Tyson put a kibosh on that and she jumped back in line. It was nice you got to see Ciera start to wake up.

TME: Who is the most dangerous player right now?

Baskauskas: I think Tyson has the best shot right now. Tyson by far is playing the best game and would get my vote right now.

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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