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Biggest Loser's red team sends black team member, Cassandra, packing.

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Biggest Loser's red team sends black team member, Cassandra, packing. photo courtesy

Twenty-five-year-old Cassandra Sturos of Michigan is now continuing her weight loss journey at home since she was the latest 'Biggest Loser' contestant to be voted off the NBC reality show. During this week's episode the teams swapped trainers, something that Cassandra's all-female black team struggled with.

"I know speaking for myself that the switch was something I just never wanted to happen, not that I doubted Dovlett's capabilities in any way; it's just Bob is my guy. He knows my quirks and everything," explained Cassandra.

The other twist in this week's show was the team with the highest percentage of weight loss could choose which contestant from the other team would be sent packing.

"We heard that Emily and I were the biggest threats, and I thought if that was the way it was going to be, people voting out the biggest threats, then we would go with the biggest threat on their team, a strong guy, which was Buddy," said Cassandra.

But when the black team failed to collectively lose 20 pounds or more, they lost the weigh in and their chance to vote out Buddy. And because Emily lost the highest percentage of weight loss on her team, she received immunity, which left Cassandra with a target on her back, as she had feared.

"Instead of going home and doing what I thought I was going to do like turn to peanut butter cups, I told my mom to bring me to the gym and I just ran and ran. I did seven miles without stopping and took all my aggression out in the gym," explained Cassandra. "Going back home I was emotional and distraught, because I was never capable of doing it [losing weight] there. The ranch was rehab for me and now I have to go home and face the things I wasn't good at before."

To date, Cassandra who started the show at 239 pounds, has shed 81 pounds and is still working on losing more.

"I've actually been ice skating at home, and I do a lot of cross fit still, which is what we did with Bob. And I recently just did my first 10K," she said.

And when she's not hitting the gym, Cassandra is watching 'The Biggest Loser.'

"I love watching with my family. It's surreal [at times] seeing myself on TV," she said.

Nine contestants remain on the 'Biggest Loser' ranch. To follow their journey, tune in to 'The Biggest Loser,' Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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