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Bangor Public Library fall kids and teen programs

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BANGOR - The Bangor Public Library begins their Fall Programs on Sept. 12. Every age group has a program, from birth to teen. The Children's Department will offer 12 programs per week. Stop by and find the right one for you.

"Read to Me" will run every Monday morning from 10:15 - 10:45 in the Storyroom. Christine says, "This program is for children who just love to be read to. It's a nice quiet midmorning break where kids can bring a snack and sit back and listen." Children two to five are invited to attend this program with a parent or guardian so everyone can relax together.

Jessica will do "Mother Goose Storytime" at 10:15-10:35 every Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Storyroom. Babies up to 24 months are welcome to participate with a parent or guardian. "The little ones get so excited for their favorite songs and stories. That excitement is contagious!" says Jessica. Come join the fun for a few stories, songs and fingerplays.

"Tiny Tots" occurs every Wednesday and Thursday from 11 - 11:30 in the Storyroom. "Children bring such joy to Storytime. Their love of a good story makes it a fun time for everyone," says Jessica, who will run this program. Two to four year olds can come with their participating adult and listen to stories, sing songs, do a craft and get a snack.

"ABC Crafts" with Diana happen every Saturday from 11 - 11:30 in the Storyroom. Diana is excited about the new program, saying, "Come join me and my pals as we have a rootin' tootin good time celebrating the alphabet. How about waffle tic, tac, toe for the letter W?" Children age 3 to 6 are invited to attend with their participating adult. Her program will have stories, games, crafts and snacks.

"Maryann's Night Storytime" starts every Thursday from 6-6:30 p.m. in the Storyroom. Have a busy schedule? Take time off after the stress of the day to attend this evening program. Maryann promises that "night time storytime is a great way to end your day! Come join me for stories, poems and a song or two. Wear your jammies and don't forget bring your teddy bear!"

Maryann will do the popular "Goody Gang" on Mondays at 3:30 and Fridays at 10:30 in the Storyroom. "Reading aloud is one of my greatest pleasures," says Maryann. "We'll have a craft and a snack each week to celebrate our love of books!" Children in kindergarten through second grade are invited to come and hear stories and poems. There is always a special treat for all who attend.

"Coveted Crafts" with Jody starts at 3:30 on the third Wednesday of the month in the Storyroom. Jody carefully selected each craft to make sure that they were enjoyable activities for third, fourth and fifth graders. She says, "I hope to inspire children to have fun using different media and materials." Exploring and creating with new materials will lead to individual expression and fun for a lifetime.

"Chapter Chums" with Shane Layman happens every Tuesday afternoon from 4 - 4:45 in the Storyroom. Shane likes his job because "I enjoy discussing concepts and ideas. There is a remarkable sense of accomplishment for children when they understand more than just words on a page. Every year I am astonished by how kids seem to get smarter and more creative with their thinking and understanding." Third and fourth graders can meet and read great books, play puzzles and do crafts. A free book is provided to each participant.

Maryann will run "The Library Club" every other Friday from 3:30 - 4:15. It starts on Sept. 16. The location is known only to club members. "Calling all fourth, fifth and sixth graders!" says Maryann. "I would love for you to join our Library Club. I hope to create a special place for you to relax and make friends." Members of the Library Club have access to an exclusive meeting room. They can view books before they go into circulation and select books for the Library. Members are also able to check out without their Library card!

"Shane's Surprise Book Group" with Shane Layman will happen every other Friday at 3:30 in the Storyroom. It starts Sept. 23. This book group is a cross between a book club and a birthday party. "Introducing children to new ideas and writing styles is very important to me," says Shane. "I think it is dangerous to trap oneself in a single genre. This could be extremely exciting." Fifth and sixth graders can come join the fun.

Christine's "Teen Reader's Theatre" occurs every other Wednesday at 4:30 in the Storyroom. According to Christine, "Teen Reader's Theatre is a perfect solution for teens who like to perform but feel that they don't have the time for lengthy rehearsals or memorization."

The "Teen Fantasy Book Club" will be every other Wednesday from 4-5, starting Sept. 21. It will be held in the Board Room. "Our first book this year is 'The Last Boy on Earth' by local author Thomas Burby," says Christine. "We will have about three meetings to discuss this book and then have an overnight at the Library. You really need to read the book to see why this is such a perfect conclusion."

The "Teen Anime Club" begins on Sept. 12 and will happen on the second Monday of the month from 3-5 in the Board Room. This is a great venue for Anime fans to meet and exchange ideas and watch anime DVDs. Christine loves the club and says, "I'm constantly learning new things about the artwork and storylines from past members." Club members are also invited to check out the Library's manga and graphic novel selection and make suggestions to add to the collection.

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