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What I Remember About Dinosaurs'

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Author's humorous children's book

Brian Russell grew up with the brontosaurus and the planet Pluto, both now extinct. Or at least changed. The brontosaurus was found to be a redundant find of the apatasaurus, which had been discovered first. So Russell wrote an illustrated a book based on his memory of dinosaurs (Thus, 'What I Remember About Dinosaurs') so his young daughter could share in learning about the giant beasts in a similar fashion.

'The Brontosaurus does not actually exist, but it totally did when I was growing up. I thought it would be fun to learn [about this] in the same progression,' said Russell. 'So she has to share the disappointment of it not being true. That's what started it.'

Anyone who has felt a bit burned by these advances in science is bound to get a chuckle out of the book. But Russell hopes that it also inspires kids and adults to continue to learn.

Russell noted he discovered some interesting and hilarious things while writing the book.

'One was that [dinosaurs'] flatulence was aiding in global warming. That was a fun revelation. Yay science!' he said. 'It's fun when science can still be humorous. I just love that kind of stuff, and this has pushed me back into learning more about it.'

'One thing I try to stress before the book even opens, is that my book is not the end of anyone's learning. If anything, it should be a starting point,' he said. 'It's a humorous precursor to more scientific thoughts on everything. My whole thing is enjoying the learning process. I tried to make the whole book funny so it can be enjoyed and inspire [readers] to continue learning about dinosaurs. So much has happened since I started learning about dinosaurs from my little coloring books. It's amazing what they've found out.'

In order to give the book its best chance to succeed, Russell is initiating a Kickstarter campaign starting June 1. He's hoping to raise around $3,000 to assist with publication and marketing for his book.

'I hope to get a hardcover print of this book and give it the best chance to succeed in the market,' he said. He plans on giving out incentives to people who pitch in, including desktop backgrounds, signed copies of the book, prints of your favorite dinosaurs and more.

Russell is the author and illustrator of the online comic 'The Underfold' and has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a kid.

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