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Author Brian Leung to present at Bangor Public Library

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Take Me Home Take Me Home

BANGOR As part of its featured author series, the Bangor Public Library will bring novelist Brian Leung to the third floor lecture hall, Thursday, Oct. 24 at 5:30 p.m.

Brian Leung is an Asian American novelist and professor of creative writing at the University of Louisville. He was born in San Diego County, California. Currently he had published three books: 'World Famous Love Acts,' 'Lost Men: A Novel' and 'Take Me Home.' In 2005, his collection of short stories, 'World Famous Love Acts,' garnered him the Asian American Literary Award and the Mary McCarthy Award for Short Fiction. 'Take Me Home' earned him the Jim Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Prize in 2012.

'Take Me Home' is his most recent work and the subject of Thursday night's talk. Brian will read selections from the novel and then give a talk about the novel. Topics may include the inspiration behind the work and its major thematic concerns. An open Q&A with the audience will follow.

Adele 'Addie' Maine is returning to Dire, Wyoming 40 years after the deadly events that drove her away from her husband without a word. Years earlier, when Addie first heads west to stay with her brother Tommy, she is wary of the Chinese working alongside the white men in the local coal mines. But when Tommy falters at homesteading and the mine becomes their only path, Addie's eyes are opened through her association with one Chinese man in particular, Wing Lee and a bond forms between them that is impossible and forbidden, even in a territory where nearly everyone is an immigrant. Together, Addie and Wing harbor a secret, and when racial tensions escalate to a combustion point, Addie faces a devastating choice between fighting for what is right ... and survival.

Brian Leung's visit was put together in part by a local women's reading group, the Gals Who Read Books. 'Take Me Home' was a recent read that moved and inspired the group, who wanted to share this novel with a wider audience. In a combined effort, the Bangor Public Library, the Gals Who Read Books and the University of Louisville have sponsored and arranged this visit.

For more information about this and other events held at the Bangor Public Library this fall, visit the BPL website, or call (207) 947-8336.


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