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The Horror' - (01-13-2016)

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Andre Kruppa GMs with style Andre Kruppa GMs with style Photo Courtesy of Andre Kruppa

Andre Kruppa brings a theatrical experience to horror gaming

BANGOR When many people think of role-playing games, they think of dice, paper and the occasional miniature to represent where their character is on a map. They may not picture an immersive experience with theatrical lighting, sound effects and props but that's exactly what they'll get if they sign up for Andre Kruppa's intense cosmic horror games.

'I think many people are fascinated by storytelling,' said Kruppa in a phone interview. 'The reason I do what I do by creating an atmosphere like that is the horror games are more exciting, more tension-building.'

Kruppa is along-time fan of horror and gaming, having developed a taste for Lovcraft as a teen. He played 'Runequest,' which was a game based of Isaac Asimov's science fiction, back in the 1980s.

'When Call of Cthulhu' came out at a con, I thought, I've read Lovecraft, this is way cool,'' he said. 'So I spent all the money I had buying the first edition copy of the game.'

He noted that the Lovecraftian horror differs from a lot of the horror that is popular today, which is rooted in splatter and gore. Kruppa said he's drawn to the cosmic horror.

'The short version is that Lovecraft referred to philosophy, where the principal tenet is that in the face of the universe, we are alone and insignificant. There is no power to save us, and my conclusion is that makes us (humans) far more valuable to each other than we would be otherwise, because we're all we've got. It encourages things like self-sacrifice and unsung heroism. The focus is a little different in that style of play.'

At SnowCon he will be game master (GM) for Call of Cthulhu (6th Ed.) twice on Saturday and for Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine on Sunday. For details, visit and check out the game schedule on Warhorn.

Kruppa's games are incredibly popular, so much so that seats are assigned by a lottery. Due to the expense involved, an additional $8 or $12 is required for attendees to participate in the game above the registration fees for SnowCon.

Kruppa's studio and publishing company, Game Soapbox Productions, is geared around the post-Lovcraftian '30s and includes soundscapes, e-books and immersive RPGs set in the 1950s. He has several booklets available to purchase on and RPGNow, including 'Bringing Theater to the Mind: Theatrical Elements in Roleplaying and Madness' and 'Mayhem Live Action Role-Playing.'

He notes in his biography that the Lucid Dreams Role-Playing Engine, a core system for gritty role-playing, is in the final stages of development as well. Game Soapbox Productions is also offering game studio design consulting, helping gamers set the scene in their own game rooms.

Kruppa is now partnering with Dark Phoenix Events to offer highly immersive role-playing sessions at your events. Services include everything from bare bones to fully catered events or theme parties. Contact Dark Phoenix Events for more information about making a premium game experience happen for you. You can find out more on Kruppa's website,

Editor's Note: Runescape was corrected to Runequest, we apologize for the error.

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