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Survivor' contestant quits the game

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Survivor' contestant quits the game Survivor' contestant quits the game

This season's 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' is full of twists. No one, including the contestants, expected the vocal and often crass Colton Cumbie of Alabama to come right out and quit the game. But he did. In a tearful goodbye, he told the show host, Jeff Probst, "I don't want to be here anymore. I can't do this." And with that he exited the game. 

However, that move didn't prevent the contestants on Redemption Island from having to duke it out. Before the challenge, Tyson was given the opportunity to switch places with his loved one, Rachel Foulger, who told him he should stay with his tribe. So Candace, Marissa and Rachel were left to compete in a domino-like challenge. Rachel Foulger's dominos just didn't fall fast enough to win a spot back in the game, and she was sent home. I recently spoke with Cumbie and Foulger, who both said they have no regrets.

The Maine Edge: Is this something Tyson talked you into once you found out it was going to be the season of bringing your loved ones?

Foulger: As soon as we found out, he kind of asked if I wanted to do the show, but it was ultimately my decision if we wanted to go on or not. 

TME: Do you have any regrets?

Foulger: No. I don't have any regrets at all. I'm glad I didn't let Tyson switch with me. I played as well as I could out there.

TME: How difficult was that redemption island challenge? As a viewer, we heard it was 114 degrees. Did it feel as miserable as that sounds?

Foulger: It felt hotter than that. I thought it was 130 degrees out there on top of humidity. The challenge took over an hour to finish.

TME: Whether or not it was a good strategic move, your tribe's reasoning to send you [to Redemption Island] was in hopes Tyson would switch with you. Do you think that was good game play?

Foulger: I think it was great that they were playing and trying to make a move in the game, but no one ever did any prying to see if that is what I would've done. I never even considered letting Tyson switch with me. It ended up backfiring on them, so no, I don't think it was a good move for them.

TME: When Colton ultimately dropped the bomb that he wanted to quit the game, did you get a glimmer of hope that Jeff would say we're not going to do the challenge or one of the three of you can go be on the tribe to take his place?

Foulger: Yeah, I did actually. I asked Jeff, 'Can we go back to Redemption Island now?' I thought maybe we would've been able to make it one more show.

TME: Colton, why even come back if you're going to quit?

Cumbie: I honestly didn't go back thinking I was going to quit. I was back and forth about doing the show to begin with, but I knew this was something Caleb really wanted to experience. The real reason I quit is I knew I wasn't going to win. I realized Caleb winning is essentially me winning.

TME: You said you wanted to go on the show to kind of redeem yourself because you had changed [from 'Survivor One World']. Do you think you were just saying that to get on the show or did you think you really had changed but learned you hadn't?

Cumbie: I learned my lesson in 'One World' about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate in terms of how to treat people. I'm really not a bad person. The people that know me, love me.

TME: Jeff outed you, saying that in 'One World' you faked appendicitis to quit the game. 

Cumbie: That is absolutely a joke because I was sick and have the medical records to prove it. 

'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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