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Another woman is voted off Survivor:Caramoan

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The Gota tribe appears to have run into a string of bad luck on the CBS reality show Survivor: Caramoan. For the second time in a row, the team lost the immunity challenge to the veteran Survivor players that make up the Bikal tribe. And that meant another trip to tribal council where one of their team mates would be voted off. However, the participants had a difficult time agreeing who should be the next to go and split the vote evenly between Hope Driskill of Missouri, Eddie Fox of New Jersey and Shamar Thomas of New York. So, the teammates had to have a re-vote where Driskill, Fox, and Thomas were not allowed to weigh in. Once the votes were tallied, 23-year-old Driskill was sent packing. I recently spoke with the Missouri native who was thrilled to have participated in Survivor, even if it was short-lived.

The Maine Edge: Do you think you formed an alliance with Reynold, Eddie and Allie too soon?

Driskill: One thing that wasn't really shown [on the show] was in the very beginning I had talked with Julia and Michael and we hit it off right off the bat and that was before I had spoken to Eddie, Reynold and Allie. I don't think we made the move too soon. I think my strategy going into the game was to align myself with pretty strong players.

TME: Do you think it was an even match-up between your tribe and the tribe of favorites? 

Driskill: I feel like we were definitely the underdog but not because we don't have the strength. I think we were a strong tribe but any group of fans verses any group of favorites is definitely the underdog just because we don't have that experience under our belt. There is just something to be said for having gone through challenges before and put yourself in these situations before.

TME: Do you think being a woman, you also have a target on your back because in the first three episodes of the season it's been a woman that has gone home? 

Driskill: I do think being a woman is a slight disadvantage. You heard on last night's episode that they're keeping Reynold and Eddie around because they're strong and can do a lot of things around camp. So, yes, I do think sometimes being a woman can be a slight disadvantage. I'm hoping the other women can stay strong. 

TME: You said in your exit interview being on Survivor is a chance of a lifetime. So who is the best person you met and got to live with at camp and who was the worst? 

Driskill: I feel so lucky I got to go out there and see the world. I feel blessed to have met Allie. She's a great person and I know we'll remain friends for a really long time. The worst was definitely Shamar. Not only did he make camp life miserable but we kept trying to vote him out and he didn't even want to be there and yet he's still there. 

Survivor: Caramoan airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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