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Another male contestant bites the dust on 'Survivor: Philippines'

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For the fifth week in a row, one of the male contestants on Survivor: Philippines was sent packing. Twenty four year old Carter Williams of Kansas had nowhere to hide at tribal council after he failed to win immunity. He and Abi were the only players on the island not in an alliance with anyone. Viewers watched as Williams desperately scrambled to try and convince Skupin, Malcolm, Denise and Lisa to keep him over Abi. But the remaining players agreed he was just too likable and strong to remain in the game. I recently spoke with Williams who was bummed he missed out on the million dollar prize.

The Maine Edge: What was your strategy?

Williams: My goal was to never let it become super obvious I was strategizing. If we had a plan, I wanted to not talk about it again because that's when things get messed up. If I made it to the end,

I was going to make the point how much I had grown out there. It was going to be, 'Look we came into this camp down numbers. We were a crumbling Kalabaw tribe and being the athletic, young guy, I had to win challenges and now I'm sitting here.'

TME: Why didn't you form an alliance with anyone?

Williams: I was aligned with Jeff Kent minute one on the beach. I built relationships with Jeff and with Penner. I wanted to be in the end game with Penner and Skupin, partly because I really liked those guys and partly because everyone didn't want them to win because they were returning players.

TME: Why didn't the men align to vote the women out? The last few weeks it has been man after man voted off.

Williams: I honestly didn't even think of that. I don't know, maybe they wanted to start to get out the strategic threats. I think RC was both a physical and strategic threat. I don't know if anyone is really threatened by Abi, I don't think so. People are still underestimating Lisa. And Denise has been to every tribal council and we've underestimated her.

TME: What was it like having your mom join you on the island?

Williams: That was awesome. That was unlike anything I ever experienced. I didn't expect to get hit with that wall of emotion when I saw her. She totally had that game [or reward challenge] won. She was going up against a collegiate track thrower in Miles [Malcolm's brother].

TME: Who will you keep in touch with?

Williams: I'm definitely good friends with Peter and Malcolm. We're close in age. Me and Pete finished close to one another in the game. Penner is awesome and I've stayed in touch with Jeff Kent. I like them all.

Survivor: Philippines airs every Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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