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And then there were four...

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'Survivor: Philippines' nearing an end

Late in the game, Abi-Maria Gomes, 32, of Los Angeles, California learned she was the most disliked player in this season's 'Survivor:Philippines'. But with the help of a hidden immunity idol, an alliance, and a little luck, this outspoken Brazilian managed to hang in the game until this week.

Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Skupin all talked about the strategic advantages of keeping Gomes around to the end, but at tribal council the final four unified and unanimously wrote her name down as the next player to go home. I recently spoke with Gomes who shared what viewers saw throughout the show was just one layer of Abi-Maria.

The Maine Edge: How do you think your social game went?

Gomes: Clearly awful. Terrible. I would have liked to have gone with plan A which was going in with great intentions, being the underdog and the lovable Brazilian but things didn't work that way due to my injury. I got injured day one. I tore my ACL and was being carried on by my alliance. So that was the devilish Abi-Maria you saw. 

TME: At one point Malcolm said you had the social graces of a Mac truck, do you agree? Is what we saw, who you are? 

Gomes: During the game at that point, I wasn't graceful. I was awful so I have to agree with him. I wasn't getting the other's social cues. 

TME: You said you wanted to make it into the final three, but you no longer wanted to cook around camp and you only won one immunity challenge, so why do you think you earned that spot?

Gomes: I made it to the final 5, I beat 13 other people. At the end of the day, it isn't about being likable. It's about strategy. I have to believe in myself.

TME: Any regrets on how you treated RC? 

Gomes: Yeah. I have regrets on how I treated RC. I have regrets on how I treated Lisa. But RC was abrasive in her own way too. But no one deserves to be treated badly.

The season finale of 'Survivor: Philippines' airs this Sunday night on CBS at 8 p.m.


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