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A family Facebook affair

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Mother-Daughter duo start campaign to meet Reba

Music can evoke emotions and stir up old memories in a person unlike anything else. Just ask Kelly Walton of Orrington about the song 'Walk On' by country artist Reba McEntire, and she'll tell you how it helped her get through some tough times on the playground.

"When I was in grammar school, I was the fat kid in school," said Walton. "I remember my mom sent me to school with my Walkman and a Reba tape, and she said, 'when the kids are making fun of you, put on your headphones.' And I used to. I would take my Walkman and sit on the hill and listen to the song 'Walk On' by Reba."

She and her mother, Lois-Jean Fraser, also have some fond memories to share when they're asked about the country singer.

"Last summer we went to New Hampshire, and Reba came out in that red dress to do the song 'Fancy,'" said Fraser. "Kelly was 30 years old then and she still got shaky and nervous seeing Reba. She was almost speechless."

This mother-daughter duo admit they have been to every Reba concert within driving distance. And they've done so despite their family's real estate business taking a hit and Fraser's ongoing struggle with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disorder that affects the skin, joints, kidneys and other organs.

"In my younger years, I didn't realize she had lupus and how sick she was," said Walton. "It just amazes me she got me to all those Reba shows. So here mom is in her 60s now and it's getting worse. So, I decided we were going to try and meet Reba when she comes to Bangor."

After all these years of admiring Reba from afar, Walton is determined to finally meet her idol in person, in her own backyard, when Reba performs on the Bangor Waterfront, Sept. 17. She's even started a Facebook page to help her in her quest titled 'We Want Kelly & Her Mom To Meet Reba.'

"I just started inviting my friends and then had them share the page with their friends. There are 50 or so people I don't know on there, but they tell their friends who then tell their friends to support me. We're hoping to get 1,000 before the concert," she said.

Walton, who is part of Reba's fan club, also follows the singer on Twitter and Facebook. She has never attended a Reba concert with anyone but her mom because she says it's a time for just the two of them to bask in the sounds of their favorite artist while enjoying some mother-daughter bonding. However, Walton's mother isn't quite sure what to make of her daughter's Facebook campaign to meet Reba.

"I don't know about Facebook, I'm not computer savvy. But I don't know a bigger Reba fan than Kelly, and if she met her, I don't know if she could contain herself," said Fraser.

The duo have third row tickets to the September show, and Walton said she's willing to do whatever it takes to meet Reba during that time, even if it means begging Facebook users to help her make her dream come true.

"In a time where everything is so serious and politicians are fighting and no one has a job, this lets people take time out of their day and join this girl on a mission," Walton explained.

To support Walton, log on Facebook and become a member of 'We Want Kelly & Her Mom To Meet Reba.' For more on Reba's upcoming Bangor concert, including ticket prices, log onto

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