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A crossroad of cultures: Crosscut

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Art. Poetry. The written word. These things offer a snapshot of the society that they were created in. At Husson University, these works are carefully selected, edited and published in a literary magazine called 'Crosscut' each spring. A selected anthology of 'Crosscut' was recently published. It includes works from 1993 through 2012, including poems, short stories, photographs and pictures of paintings. 

In the anthology, it explains how the magazine started as a photocopied and stapled packet, and has since grown. In the past 20 years, introductions have been penned by Stephen King and Senator Olympia Snowe.

The next edition of the publication has been delayed until this fall. Matthew Pifer, managing editor of the magazine, explained why at a reading Friday night. 

'We delayed this one a little bit, because we wanted to have a little bit of a special event for this particular edition,' Pifer said. 'As you all know, Husson and NESCom are coming together as one unit. We wanted to provide this marker of that occasion.

'Art... is a good way to celebrate that.' 

Husson University and the New England School of Communications announced that they were joining forces back in October. According to the Bangor Daily News, the Communications school will keep its name and become a school within Husson University. 

The newly published anthology shows signs of the two schools becoming one. Terri Baker, admissions assistant at the New England School of Communications, served as the anthology editor. Baker also penned the introduction 'Thoughts from the Fishbowl.' In the introduction, Baker explains that she is part of the Husson University community and the NESCom community. 'Crosscut,' indeed. 

The past 11 editions of 'Crosscut' can be found by visiting


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