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3 contestants leave the 'Biggest Loser' ranch

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Biggest Loser contestants Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh Biggest Loser contestants Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh

'The Biggest Loser' didn't just lose the contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss this week. Two other contestants, Buddy Shuh of Michigan and Mark Cornelison of Texas, voluntarily packed their bags and went home after learning the show's producers were bringing back one of the previously eliminated contestants, yet again, to compete with those still in the game. That left Jeremy, Conda and Kim as the final three on the ranch until Jeremy Britt fell below the yellow line and was sent home.

"We had gotten word the other contestants were coming back for a chance to compete. We thought we were the final five and this was just a dagger to our hearts. It just seemed wrong," Britt explained.

"It would've been Adrian and Daphne's third chance [getting to come back]. Everyone disagreed with what was going on."

However, Britt still managed to lose 10 pounds despite the drama. But that wasn't enough to secure him a spot in the finals.

"Conda did good and got to be a finalist and Kim did good and got to be a finalist," Britt said. "I lost 10 pounds; I did great. But I went home because I didn't beat them. The number that showed up wasn't enough that week."

Britt never expected he'd be going home early. Both he and his sister, Conda, had a plan to be the final two standing.

"Me and Conda wanted to be there together," he said.

And fortunately he still has that chance. Britt will be competing with the other eliminated contestants next week to win a spot back on the show.

"Everyone that was sent home wants another chance to come back, but it doesn't mean they deserve to compete," Britt explained.

To see how the drama will unfold, tune into 'The Biggest Loser' Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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