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Young brothers open Whoopie Pie stand in Bangor

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BANGOR - Vacationland is filled with tourists and visitors this time of year, but rather than kick back and relax, a pair of brothers from Arizona decided to turn their time in Maine into a working vacation. Justin and Ryan Speirs set up a whoopie pie stand called Whoopie Works outside of their grandfather's home on Westland Street in Bangor last week where motorists and pedestrians alike couldn't resist stopping for a treat.

"I drive by every day, but yesterday they were sold out," said Norman Hall of Hermon. "I was able to pick up four today, and two of them are for myself."

Every day the Speirs brothers opened their stand at 8 a.m. with 75 whoopie pies on hand thanks to their grandfather, the baker. Some days they sold out; other times they found themselves devouring their own product when business was slow.

"I like them so much I've bought five," said 5-year-old Ryan. And he's not alone. One customer stopped in to purchase 10 of them at once. Nine-year-old Justin managed to demonstrate the most willpower, since each dollar they make goes into his personal bank account.

"All the money is for my college fund," explained Justin.

The boys' mother Jen not only believes it's never too early to start saving but that classroom lessons can still be taught while on vacation.

"It's been a great learning experience and they've been able to work on their math," said Jen. "I think we've started a new tradition when we come to visit. [It also helps] Mainers are addicted to whoopie pies."


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