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Women and Wheels

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Women soak up car knowledge offered at Bangor dealership

BANGOR - The Darling's Ford dealership on the Hogan Road in Bangor was transformed into a sea of pink last Wednesday for its first ever "Women & Wheels" event. The gathering was a chance to arm females with some automotive knowledge they could use when shopping for or servicing their vehicle.

"I just wanted to be more informed about my 1997 Honda and how to maintain it," said Mattie Porter of Dixmont. Vehicle maintenance was just one thing the Darling's employees spent time speaking about during their "Servicing" workshop. That's where participants learned how frequently they should schedule an oil change, tire rotation and alignment for their vehicle.

The other workshops available that evening included "Finding," which focused on shopping for the right vehicle to fit your needs; "Protecting," which highlighted the different types of insurance coverage available for drivers; and the "Knowing" workshop, which showed the women different parts under the body and hood of their car.

"I think Knowing' was my favorite station," said Samantha Lott Hale of Orono. "To actually see shocks, struts and things that people tell you about and now to know where they are and learn how they wear down."

Hale says she plans to pass her new car knowledge on to the Girl Scouts she works with so that they'll be able to know some of the these things at an earlier age.

"It was interesting hearing about the different hazard lights [at the knowing workshop,]" said Jozlyn Noyes of Orrington. "I'm getting something out of each station."

Carol Gentry of Holden took notes while she was there.

"I wrote down the steps you should take when buying a car in case there was something I might miss [when looking]," she said.

Carrie Meo of Darling's, who helped organize the event, was more than pleased to see over 120 women in attendance.

"It's more than I expected," she said. And due to all that interest, Meo is now working on another event where women will get the chance to practice what they've learned.

"We'll set up a class on a Saturday. It will be a physical workshop where they'll change a tire," Meo explained.

Besides building the participants' knowledge and confidence in cars, Darling's also showered the ladies in attendance with treats from Specialty Sweets, Cupcakes Too!, Ann Marie's Kitchen, and the Ground Round. The dealership even made sure every lady walked away with a little something to remember the evening: a gift bag full of goodies and a complimentary car wash ticket.

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