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Weebeez Deli & Market opens in Bangor

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Andy & Susan Stephenson the proud owners of Wee- beez Deli & Market chain Andy & Susan Stephenson the proud owners of Wee- beez Deli & Market chain edge photo by Jodi Hersey

Husband and wife rebrand convenience store chain

BANGOR - Andy and Susan Stephenson are on a mission to change the way customers view convenience stores. The couple recently opened three WeeBeez Deli & Market stores in Bangor where they have filled the shelves with veggies, fruit and baked goods as well as your typical convenience store items like chips and soda.

"We are really passionate about having fresh food not just being your typical convenience store. We have produce, salads and grab and go meals for families. We want people to feel like they don't always have to run to the grocery store to have their basic needs met," explained Susan.

Opening the Weebeez chain also provided the Stephensons the chance to help beautify their neighborhood.

"We really want to revitalize neighborhood markets that were once thriving and help them come alive again with a friendly, fun and clean atmosphere that is well lit," said Susan. "The name is derived from the concept 'We Be.' We be fresh, we be friendly, we be a neighborhood, we be a community."

During the stores opening weekend, Weebeez collected canned goods and toiletries for Bangor area food pantries. In exchange customers who donated goods received 10 percent off their food orders.

"We're going to have a community spotlight each quarter and we'll either do volunteer work or donate partial proceeds of sales. We're working with organizations right now to map that out for the year," said Susan.

Creating a convenience store chain that emphasizes neighbor helping neighbor has been a dream six years in the making for the Stephensons. It's been their goal ever since they moved to the Queen city. And they began making that dream come true when they purchased the former Seamus' store on Blue Hill East in Capehart from Susan's father, Gabby Price. They were able to snatch up two more locations when they bought the old Mt. Hope Variety store on Mt. Hope Avenue and the former Court Street Market on Court Street.

"The biggest challenge was really getting three stores and three different philosophies running as one. Are we one hundred percent there? No, but we're getting there," explained Andy. "We've done some major renovations and the employees love it and are so excited about what we're doing."

All three stores have had an interior and exterior facelift where the Weebeez blue and yellow brand is now proudly displayed for all to see.

"When you walk into one, you are walking into all of them," said Andy. "There's been some tough times and some great times but at the end of the day, it's been a rewarding experience."

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