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Using Pinterest like a pro

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When it comes to social media, Pinterest is the new kid in town. By now, it seems that almost every business and individual has a Facebook or Twitter account, but few have adapted the visual playground known as Pinterest. Perhaps it is because the site works differently from the others. Facebook and Twitter allow you to share what is happening now, and interact with others conversationally. Pinterest is about sharing ideas and images, often at a slower pace and with a broader audience than Facebook. If you can master it, Pinterest can be a valuable tool. Here are some tips to get more attention on the site.

Be original -- Sure, it's all fine and dandy to re-pin something that someone already else did. If that is all you do, however, then you are missing the point of Pinterest. The idea is to brainstorm ideas and images and share them with others. If you are just promoting what another person shares, then people will just go to that source, and you will not get nearly as many re-pins. You can contribute new pins to your boards by pinning them directly from a website or uploading images straight from your computer. Pinning images from your blog or website is a great way to direct traffic to your corner of the internet and keep your pins original.

Keep your boards consistent -- Imagine if you walked into Pizza Hut one day only to realize that all they were serving that day was burgers. You would be confused and probably leave. The same is true with Pinterest boards. When someone pins something, Pinterest shows them another board where the pin was pinned. This is their way of saying, 'You like that? Well maybe you will like this.' The website also has a feature where you can follow a specific board that a person has, instead of following everything that the person does. If you keep your boards consistent, it is more likely for someone to follow and re-pin you. If you throw everything you have on to the same board, people will just get confused.

Stick with what you like -- It is easy to get click-happy and want to pin and re-pin everything on the internet. Pinterest is not supposed to be a marathon, though. It's supposed to be a collection of your favorite things or ideas. Even if you have a taste that is unique, chances are there is someone out there who will have that same taste, or at least appreciate it. People are more likely to follow you if they feel like they have the same style.

Describe your pins -- If you want your pins to come up in searches, use the text box to attach some relevant information to it. Like a hashtag, a description increases the likelihood that someone will spot the pin.

Stick with these suggestions, and soon you will start seeing results on Pinterest.


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