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What to expect with an advisor

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The sweetest people come into my office. They are smart and kind, and they are trying hard to do well in their lives and in how they manage their money.

But they worry. They worry that I will think they aren't smart because they don't know the 'lingo' of investments. They worry that I will talk over their heads. And they worry that I might conclude that they are doing everything wrong.

Oh, bud! That is not what I am thinking at all. Let me put your mind at ease. I'm not judging you when you come into my office. I know that I am talking about a specialized area of knowledge that many people don't fully understand because they have never been taught or because past advisors haven't known how to explain it simply. 

Think about this. If I came into your office, not fully grasping your expertise, and I needed your help, you would be kind and helpful. You would speak to me respectfully and explain complex topics clearly, as you were able. I feel confident that you would never judge me. 

Whatever your present situation, either I or someone I know has been in the exact same place in their lives. Others have struggled with the loss of a spouse, or made significant life changes. It is common among us to find ourselves 10 years from our hoped-for retirement and unsure if we have what's needed for the beautiful life we've envisioned. And others, with years to go until retirement, have wondered where to begin in their savings plan. 

These and many other questions are common. Don't feel alone, friend, because that is exactly why I am here. 

Those of us who give financial advice love to help people, just like you, work through the questions and confusion to your very own happy path to freedom. When you sit with me, or any good financial advisor, we help you identify the important pieces and how they fit together. We know what questions to ask that, when answered, bring to light what really matters to you. 

We infuse your goals and dreams, your questions and concerns, with our technical knowledge, working side-by-side with you to make your plan. Your plan. A plan that fits where you are now, with a vision of hope for your future. Explained clearly, you are left with a sense of relief, comfort and control about your life, your future and your money. 

Almost as cozy as chocolate. 


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