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Tips for being a businessmom

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More and more moms are starting their own businesses. This may be your future, too. So what should you keep in mind? Here are a few tips just for you, Momma.

Do your own thing

First, follow your gut. It is very likely that the vocation you chose will come out of a need you see in your own life. For example, one mom invented a device that stops toddlers from unraveling toilet paper rolls. Brilliant, right? Any observation may be of use to your future business venture. Your breakthrough may not rise to national prominence, but if your unique idea gives you some financial freedom and supplies an income for your family, it is a wonderful idea!

Forget balance

Not only will life get crazier with more tasks compressed into too few hours, it would probably be wise to keep working at whatever regular job you presently have while you give this new venture life. As any business owner who is a parent can tell you, new businesses are like newborn babies. They need a lot of attention and nurturing. But they don't necessarily make you rich when they are young. So set reasonable expectations for yourself as you set out on this great adventure.

Do it together

Whether you team up with your spouse or go in on this amazing journey with a friend, having more than one head, and the additional talents and ideas of another person, could really help you gain traction and get things done. I work with my husband, and though the business is wholly mine and he doesn't share in the professional expertise, his ideas and feedback are vital for me to do my work well.

Whatever you do, do your best, keep growing and learning and make sure parental guilt is not invited on the trip!


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