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A day set aside to focus on thanksgiving is an awesome thing. But what does being grateful have to do with your money? Lots, actually.

Money and emotions are intertwined. And if you learned anything from Saturday morning cartoons, you may have learned that though Uncle Scrooge McDuck seemed to have plenty of money, with even enough to share with his rascally nephews, he seemed to be constantly annoyed and grumpy.

In McDuck's case, money didn't produce joy. And though this is a cartoon fictional story, in our culture we hear many stories of happiness in meager circumstances and anger and depression in lives financially blessed.

It comes down to an attitude of our hearts. Whatever you have will never be enough if you have an ungrateful heart.To an ungrateful heart there is dissatisfaction everywhere: the savings account isn't earning enough money; the investments may have been up by double digits but jealousy thinks others may have earned more.

An ungrateful heart has a boatload of envy towards others, from the truck that may be a newer model to the house that seems in every way better.

What good is saving and sacrificing for the family if your heart is so cold that loved ones leave you all alone?

Being rich has much to do with an attitude of gratitude: counting all your big and little blessings, seeing the light in the darkness and being thankful for the things that have gone well for you this year.

I'm assuming you want to live long enough to retire and enjoy the great adventure that will be the future on permanent vacation! According to studies, having a positive attitude 'has a protective relationship' in a person's mortality. All the money you have worked hard to save may be great inheritance for your heirs, but even better for you to enjoy as you live a long and grateful life.

Gratitude has a multiplier effect on all of your assets, making more of what you have, and produces beneficial returns that can be measured in a potentially longer and happier life.


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