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The Maine Edge - March - The millionaire mindset

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You've always thought that you would make an awesome millionaire. I totally agree!

And you know that not everyone who has a lot of money KEEPS the money. And some folks who have modest means have plenty saved.

What does it take to be millionaire awesome?

Take control Millionaires are smart about their money. They are in control of their habits. They understand how to save money and ways to earn better returns than savings accounts. They are their money's boss. They have decided to be financially educated. They take the time to keep a close watch on their funds. They have taken control.

Face facts So, you're not a numbers person and you think that lets you off the hook? No. You don't have to be a genius to understand your bills, your investments or your options. And you don't need a finance degree. Learn one thing over time and then add to that knowledge with more information. Learn it through a YouTube video or a book about money for kids - anything. But get started on learning about the world of money. Money is awesome, and it is even more awesome when you are the boss of it.

Live within your means Millionaires won't be millionaires for long if they don't live within their means. You hear about formerly wealthy athletes who are poor, or personalities who made money and have spent it. We all have to live within our means if we want to grow wealthier. When you know what you have, when you understand your financial options, this job gets easier.

Make adjustments for life In the craziness of losing a job or the passing of a parent, your finances also need to be addressed and critical adjustments to your spending or saving habits may need to be made. Life's realities need to be addressed as well as the emotions surrounding life's events. If you neglect the facts, if you fail to make adjustments, things will potentially be far less cozy for you.

Chase value, not price The wealthy don't buy junk so that a new item of the same kind needs to be purchased every few months. You are no longer growing. Buy better clothes or shoes - items that are timeless and that last - as that is chasing value. Spend less often on better quality items and have them last for years, with good care. I'm not suggesting Chanel clothing. But even Goodwill may have higher quality items at amazing prices that might be a far better expenditure than a cheaply made imitation.

Millionaires may be both made and born into the lifestyle. But no one remains a millionaire without some financial savvy. And you can get that with that great brain of yours.


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