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Rethinking money for college

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When it comes to money for college, we sometimes get so overwhelmed that loans seem like the only way to go. But how about some of these ideas? They may not cover all of your needs, but depending on where you go to school and what talents you have, these ideas could help you earn some serious money towards your schooling.

Sell online. Are you an expert or well-versed in an area that might translate into selling awesomeness? Items such as toys, cameras and textbooks may be purchased for enough less than they could be sold that you may reap a nice margin. Can the things be found at local yard sales and sold online? There are people who make good money at this because they know their field and they work hard.

They know the market, they have an excellent reputation and they minimize time spent in their search and the shipping so they can maximize their profit. Tip: don't pad your shipping costs, because for some buyers that may be a deal breaker.

Get a job. Sure. You know that. But how about working for a firm that offers free tuition for employees? Firms such as Home Depot and UPS allow an employee to take any subject through an accredited school of their choosing.Walmart, like Starbucks, offers a 15 percent discount when you study any subject but only through a specific online school. If you're going to get a job anyway, why not maximize your future options with tuition reimbursement?

Start less expensively. Perhaps an advisor has suggested beginning your education at a local school with lower tuition cost and transfer later. This is a great cost-saving idea. And that will matter to you if you have less student loans to repay and can begin adult life saddled with less debt.

Tip: Make sure you are aware of credit transfer policies so you can maximize your credits. Some schools have transfer arrangements that codify the easy transition from one to another. The transfer inconvenience is very worth what hassle it proves when you consider the money saved.

Spend less every day. I hear a giant groan as I nag about daily spending, but this matters! As a college student you can live beyond your means and pay for it in loans and interest later. Or you can be frugal and live more contentedly later. Up to you, chummy.

There are everyday ways to save money: live with roommates in alternative housing or live at home. That can save tens of thousands of dollars on your future debt repayment. And instead of eating out in the cafeteria or at local restaurants, make your own food. If you prepare most of your meals, you can save hundreds of dollars a month in expenses that will cut down on future debt.

The typical college experience may be followed by years of crushing debt that makes buying a house and getting on with adult life crippling. College debt has exploded in the United States.

Why not be the cool kid who has their life in order and a longer view than these next four years and have an exceptional future?


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