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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 23:18

Honesty is your best marketing tool

Written by Cintia Miranda

The holiday season means a spike in sales for most businesses. At the same time, though, honesty is never a more powerful marketing tactic. Customers often value a comfortable experience, with a brand they can trust, more than they do product features especially when they're already rushed during a busy shopping season. 

How can honesty improve your marketing strategy? 

Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:03

Two kinds of millionaires

Written by Marion Syversen

I love studies. Studies reveal the numbers, the data, behind behavior. And people are fascinating. 

Here are the results of a recent Fidelity study, Gen X/Y Millionaires Not Sitting Idle, that compared millionaires in two generations, Generation X/Y (average age 37, hereafter termed Gen Xers) and Baby Boomers (average age 65, hereafter termed Boomers), contrasting what each group does with their wealth and how they feel about money. 

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 15:58

The Affordable Care Act and premium assistance

Written by Anne Powelson

Did you know that premium assistance for individual insurance under the Affordable Care Act is an advance on a 2014 tax credit? If you are thinking of using the marketplace to buy insurance, that distinction is important, as are these other questions.

What is my family size for the ACA? 

Your family size is all people for whom you properly claim a deduction.

Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:25

Where does it all go?

Written by Marion Syversen

I recently had a chat with the daughter of a friend who just got a raise. Her problem? She can't figure out why she is seems to have no money even though she is making twice what she made two years ago. Where did her 'extra' go? 

This common dilemma has happened to many of us. No more confusion, kids. We are going to take control.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 22:43

Bedtime Math

Written by Marion Syversen

Typical bedtime stories for children involve great adventures and the battle between good and evil. They pit heroes and heroines against a variety of foes and seemingly insurmountable setbacks. 

But author Laura Overlock thinks a little math before bed would also be awesome. She and her husband began using imaginative math stories - some might call them problems - and making them into stories for her children at bedtime. Her kids are not teens, but the Overlocks have written the stories for littles and for bigger kidlets. After all, reasons Overlock, since a kid will do almost anything to have another few minutes to stay awake, if you make math fun and tell a story, maybe they will even listen to it.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 21:05

R.I.P. property tax and rent rebate

Written by Anne Powelson

Looking for Maine Property Tax and Rent Rebate (Circuit Breaker) forms? Whether you always file or were hoping to file for the first time this year, you're not going to find them. Maine's legislature did away with the program in June of this year.    

In its place is a new tax credit, the Property Tax Fairness Credit. This new credit is part of your 2013 Maine Income Tax Return. It's refundable, so even if you don't owe Maine taxes, you might get money back. 

Friday, 09 August 2013 12:33

Adventures in back to school shopping

Written by Marion Syversen

It's time to get this party started, kids. Yes indeedy, it's back to school shopping time. I wait until August to write about back to school anything so we have some time to enjoy summer, but many of you may have already begun your back to school planning.

Looking for practical ways to teach little people about money? Back to school shopping provides a perfect opportunity. According to money studies, many of us are doing a good job in this particular financial budgeting, but let's look at some great ideas to help tweak your plan.

Thursday, 11 July 2013 10:42

Money and kids starting the conversation

Written by Marion Syversen

Many of us, if we even think to, hesitate when it comes to teaching our kids much about money. For one thing, there are some of us who do not feel well-versed enough about the topic. 

Then there's the pesky problem of where the heck to start the conversation. All we know is we are always arguing with someone about why they can't have this or that, why they can't go to this cool vacation spot or why on earth we won't let them eat out more.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 14:23

Wedding day green

Written by Marion Syversen

Marriage is a delight. And the month of June has been for centuries the most popular month for weddings. 

So if you're getting married, what do you need to know about tying the financial knot? Here are a few things to consider as you two become one.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 13:27

College graduate!

Written by Marion Syversen

So you or your baby has completed college. Congratulations to you both! But now what? Where is the smart money path? Here are a few tips.

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