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Cintia Miranda Cintia Miranda
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Who exactly is this Cntia Miranda?

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Cntia Miranda Cntia Miranda

It's interesting to be an immigrant in Central Maine.  While I've been labeled 'alien' for most of my life (and I kind of like that exotic name), people seem to be more intrigued by my Brazilian nationality here in Bangor than anyone ever was in Boston (other than my Boston-native husband and his family, of course!). 

I think most people envision Brazilians as exotic people who love to party during Carnaval like it's 1999, wear tiny swimwear (well, some do, but not all Brazilians), and roam the Amazon Jungle swinging on tree vines like Tarzan and Jane. I've also had people ask me if we had elephants in the village where I came from.

In reality, though, I'm not that interesting! Yes, I do have an interesting accent, and eat some foods most Americans would consider strange, but I am more of an American than a Brazilian at this point, as I've lived in America longer than I've lived in Brazil. So to help dissolve the cultural mystique, I compiled 20 things about me myself (personally, not professionally) that most people don't know:

  1. 1)I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil  not your typical Amazon jungle village. I have dual citizenship Brazilian and American - and vote in both countries.
  2. 2)I've never visited the Amazon Jungle and I don't know how to Samba but I wish I did!
  3. 3)I eat brown rice and beans almost every day of my life. Even after living in America for 24 years, I can't live without my grains. I never get sick of them!
  4. 4)I went to Quincy High School (I lived in Quincy, MA for 14 years) and regret not going to my senior prom. I actually had a date, but felt that it was kind of silly to wear a big prom dress.
  5. 5)In 1998, I went back-packing in Europe with my childhood friend from Brazil, and we ate armadillo meat, thinking it was beef (it happens when you can't speak the language).
  6. 6)I have three rescue pets: two cats, Isa and Max, and a dog named Ralphie, after the main character of the Christmas Story. (We watch that movie every Christmas Eve It's a family tradition!)
  7. 7)I met my husband in college (UMass Boston) in a pre-calculus class. I did terribly in that class, but scored a husband yay for me!
  8. 8)I worked at Dunkin' Donuts for seven years between high school and college and never tried a single donut while I worked there. I tried my first munchkin much later in life, with my daughter and I don't really like them!
  9. 9)I love to dance, and was a regular at most clubs on Landsdowne Street in Boston during the late '90s and early 2000s. Now, I rock at local Zumba classes.
  10. 10)My family and I moved to Bangor in 2009, after a job opportunity for my husband. I had never been to Bangor before our move and didn't know anyone.
  11. 11)I love the sound of my daughter's voice. She is my pride and joy in every aspect.
  12. 12)I opened up my agency with $7,000 in 2009 and haven't borrowed a dime yet to sustain my business. That's not to say it won't happen in the future, but I tend to be quite conservative when it comes to debt.
  13. 13)I am a Girl Scout Troop leader but was never a Girl Scout in my childhood.
  14. 14)I am very connected with my large family in Brazil 23 people in my immediate family, counting my parents (though my father is deceased), siblings and in-laws, nephews/nieces and grandnephews/nieces). I talk with my mother via Skype every Sunday afternoon.
  15. 15) When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut. Then I became a marketer close enough!
  16. 16)I have epilepsy and Von Willerbrand's disease (both under control in fact, I haven't had a seizure in six years. Yay for me again!). I lost two years of school in my teen years due to epilepsy and almost died giving birth to my daughter. Every year on my daughter's birthday, I feel very lucky to be alive and to be able to see her grow it's a super special day for our family.
  17. 17)I love coffee; in fact, I am a coffeaholic! However, I don't like flavored coffee at all; just the original stuff!
  18. 18)My dream vacation is a trip to Australia and New Zealand.
  19. 19)I have a very fulfilling life and consider myself to be very happy.
  20. 20)I'd love to live long enough to see at least two more generations of my family!

That's it I'm not that different from the next person after all! Well, actually a bit my name is Cntia, not Cynthia.  If you'd like to pronounce it right (and I'd like that too), just say 'Cyntia,' with no 'h.' Cheers!


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