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The Marketing Edge - Is it too late to start holiday marketing?

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Starting your holiday marketing sooner rather than later is always a great idea, but if you’ve procrastinated a bit and hope to get your marketing started soon, there are still some generations that you might appeal to – that’s right, generations! 

We all know that different businesses have different target audiences, and different target audiences have different marketing consumption habits. They also have different shopping habits. According to a report published by Marketing Dive on Dec. 1, “Gen Z consumers start holiday shopping later than any other age group, with 33 percent saying they don’t start holiday shopping until after Black Friday and 15 percent reporting not starting until after Dec. 15, according to Yes Lifecycle Marketing research made available to Marketing Dive.”

Those who are part of Generation Z (or Centennials, as some call them) were born between 2001 and now, according to the American Marketing Association. Although they’re the youngest generation, if your product appeals to anyone they hope to shop for (their grandparents, parents or siblings, for example), marketing to them this late in the season may lead to some sales; however, because this generation is under 18, it’s unlikely that they’ll have much disposable income, so what about Gen Y (fondly referred to as Millennials)?

According to a report by Cision that also cites the survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, “millennials are most likely to plan ahead, with 58 percent reporting they start shopping prior to Black Friday.” That might make you feel that you’ve procrastinated a bit too long when it comes to your holiday marketing, but don’t fret! Millennials are more likely than any other generation to shop year-round for holiday gifts, so they’re still worth appealing to as well.

Despite this report, it’s worth mentioning that every generation has at least one procrastinator who will wait to do their holiday shopping until Christmas Eve, so keep them in mind if you’re launching a last-minute campaign. When you’re thinking about starting your holiday marketing next year, don’t forget that 60 percent of those surveyed by Yes Lifecycle Marketing began their shopping before Black Friday, so start early!

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