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The Marketing Edge – Client Spotlight: Hero’s Sports Grill and Entertainment Center

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Quinn and Christina Paradis opened Hero’s Sports Grill and Entertainment Center in 2009. They saw a need in the region and liked the idea of sports bar chains in the area, so they decided that they would bring the idea to a local platform. Even though many doubted them at first, they have made Hero’s Sports Grill and Entertainment Center a beloved local sports bar to residents of greater Bangor and beyond.

Hero’s has been our client since 2015 and we greatly value their business. We also believe that our clients have invaluable advice for others who are considering opening a business in greater Bangor. That’s why we’re starting a client spotlight and asking people like Quinn and Christina to answer some questions about their business challenges and triumphs, their marketing advice, and what they would tell others who are hoping to open a business.

Here’s what Christina Paradis of Hero’s had to say: 

Q: What do you wish you had known before you started building your business from the ground up?

A: That you don't get days off and some days the world is going to do everything in its power to knock you down – but get right back up!

Q: What has been your greatest challenge/success as a business owner? 

A: Challenge: Maintaining and motivating staff.  Our staff has and always will be very diverse and they all require a different approach, so keeping this in mind while trying to juggle all you do in the business is a daily struggle. 

Success: Getting up and persevering day in and day out when people believed we would not make it. 

Q: What do you believe is the most important aspect of running a business?

A: Communication. You have to communicate with business partners, vendors, and employees, and they are all equally important.

Q: Why do you believe marketing helps your business?

A: No matter how big you become there will always be people who have not tried your business or even heard of you. Keep getting in front of your clientele in creative ways and remind people who you are and what you represent.

Q: Do you have any insight for new business owners in greater Bangor?

A: Don't let people doubt you, and if they do doubt you, wake up every morning with a goal to prove them wrong. When we were first getting ready to open, friends, family, vendors, and city staff all warned us, questioned us and doubted us. But we believed in what we could do and in the business we were about to begin and here we are today. Utilize city staff, and other business owners to gain knowledge.

We would like to thank Christina and Hero’s for being our client and encourage others hoping to open a business in Bangor to ask other business owners for advice and never forget to include a marketing strategy with your business plan. If you need help, we’re always here for you!  


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