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Ten ways to build a successful LinkedIn business profile

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1. Complete your entire profile. Your LinkedIn business profile is often the first place customers and other users land when they search for your business. Make sure you put together a solid, detailed and accurate first impression. 

2. Stand out from the crowd. Your profile is your chance to showcase what your business is all about, as well as the talented people behind your brand - so be adventurous! Use video, stories and other creative elements to provide insight into your products, services and personality. 

3. Optimize for search. LinkedIn is a sea of users seeking other users - so make your business easy to find. Include relevant keywords in your headline, work experience, summary and even specialties. 

4. Proofread. Careless errors are a death-sentence to professional credibility. Check and re-check your profile's grammar, spelling and punctuation. Then, check it again.

5. Stay professional. Every social media platform has its function. Your LinkedIn profile should create the impression of a reliable business identity. Save the personal posts and sharing for Facebook or Twitter. 

6. Stay fresh and relevant. Are your photos current? Does your headline intrigue? Does your message reflect your up-to-date business goals? Review your profile regularly to stay relevant and interesting. 

7. Don't ignore applications. Check out the applications section to see whether any of them can help you better communicate your message and improve visitors' experience with your profile. 

8. Before you connect, research. Before you accept or send an invitation, do your homework. Review each profile and consider whether it makes sense to connect with them (or to ask them to connect with you). 

9. Showcase your group affiliations by displaying the icons on your profile. Joining or starting LinkedIn groups is a great way to network with other key industry players, drive traffic to your website, and position yourself as a resource. 

10. Stay active. Your most recent LinkedIn activity appears at the top of your profile - so keep up the interaction! Focus on sharing images, thoughtful questions, and reputable content in your field and be consistent.

By following these easy steps, you'll soon begin to notice more interaction on your LinkedIn business profile that may lead to referrals to your website, which in turn can lead to business conversions.


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