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Spring is travel planning season: Is your website ready?

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Spring may have just sprung, but it's time to start thinking about summerespecially if you are in the travel industry. According to travel planning website Hipmunk, 70 percent of travelers plan their summer vacations during the months of April and May. Since most of this planning is done online, your website needs to be ready for travelers looking to eat, play or stay with you.

Here are four tips to prepare your website for travel planning season:

Lay it out. Your website is like your virtual store. To invite visitors in, it must be clean and attractive. A good website layout is one that is easy to navigate. Drop-down menus, well-organized content, internal searches and clear call-to-action buttons are features that make navigation easier. Also, make sure your branding and colors are consistent across different pages of your website to build your brand's identity.

Go mobile. Not only will most of your future clients' travel planning occur online, but it will most likely also be happening on a mobile device. If you haven't done so already, now is the time to optimize for mobile. Also, mobile assistants like Siri need to be considered with natural language keywords being used to make voice search easier.

Be present and relevant. To be found, your website must have search engine optimization or SEO. This depends on your content, your keywords, your social media presence and local listings. Make sure that all of this information is up-to-date and relevant to increase your chances of being found by potential clients. You will also have the chance to appeal to them with quality content.

Make it easy to convert. Landing pages should offer information that is helpful and easy to digest. Next steps on these pages should be easy for customers to follow to increase conversion rates. Ideally, you should follow the 'three clicks to sale' model to gather the most information about your prospects in the least amount of steps.

If you're in the travel industry, spring means summer vacation planning. Travelers are turning to the Internet to plan their vacations more than ever before. Your website needs to be prepared to welcome these visitors. If you need help making improvements to your current website or would like to create a new one, give Pulse Marketing Agency a call for a free 30-minute consultation today.


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