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Relevant content creation: The greatest marketing challenge

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In years past (not to date myself), marketers were often able to reuse the same marketing content over and over for a year or two. A set of great case studies would serve your sales team for a few years. Even during my MBA program, we learned from case studies that were five years old and still relevant to the topics being covered in class. However, those days are long gone. Today, marketers struggle to create strong, relevant and current content. I would even venture a guess that content creation is one of the biggest challenges we face nowadays as marketing professionals.

Most organizations have some sort of email newsletter, blog, or social media presence. However, the majority lack the most important ingredient: relevancy. I often subscribe to peer-written newsletters and blogs looking to learn from them, only to find myself unsubscribing within a month or two. A disappointing majority of the sources I encounter lack both expertise and relevant content, which in turn can be detrimental to their brands.

When thinking about content creation, marketers must pause and consider the following important points:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What motivates your target audience, and how can you engage them through your writing?
  • Can you offer tips and advice to help them with their challenges?
  • Can you share studies, reports and useful data from respected sources to back up your statements?
  • How committed are you to maintaining a consistent delivery schedule for your content?

These are important and valid points that need to be addressed before you launch a business blog or newsletter. I have found that many marketers underestimate the amount of work involved in content creation which leads to scattered, inconsistently-published newsletters and blog posts.

Another important point to realize is that your business blog or newsletter is not about you. Although you might be a very nice person, with loads of fun stories to share, there is a considerable difference between leadership writing and anecdotal writing. I see it all the time, and also notice that the majority of the feedback these folks get is from friends and family members who are cheering for them not their target audience. Prospects search for informative and engaging content, not stories about you, your kids, or your pets (I have an awesome kid, amazing husband and lovely pets but unless you know me personally, they probably are not relevant to you). The bottom line: Your prospects want to know if you have the expertise to help them solve their challenges.

Content creation can help your brand become more visible and create buzz, as long as you follow the rules: Make it engaging, relevant and insightful. You'll also need to follow a set schedule and avoid falling into the trap of 'I'll get to it when I have a spare moment' because that doesn't work. Sporadic updates are ultimately a waste of your time, and make your brand appear careless and poorly executed.

Commitment is a vital ingredient in content marketing. If you're considering adopting it as part of your program, take the time to develop a plan for delivery of current, engaging, and insightful information - and above all else, stick to it!

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