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Increase conversion rates by clearly indentifying your target audience

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A key part of any successful marketing campaign is clearly identifying your target audience. Crafting a message that speaks directly to your potential customers is equally important as the manner in which you reach them.

One way to start is by taking a look at your current customer base and dividing it into three columns: 'great,' 'OK' and those who cost you money to do business with (I'll leave it up to you to find a pet name for that group). Now, take a closer look at the list of those you selected as your 'great' customers. What makes them great? How much profit have they generated for your business in the past 12 months? How long has each customer been doing business with you? Do they pay on time? Are they in agreement with your business process policies? Are they willing to be of reference?

Chances are, you'll weed out some customers from the 'great' list after answering the above questions. The next step is to identify how you acquired these great customers. Did a specific marketing campaign attract some of them? Did some find you through a referral from another happy customer? Did your salesperson initiate contact with the decision maker? Were most of them interested in a specific product or service?

Write down any similarities shared by your great customers. Are they in a specific revenue (income, if you are a B2C business) bracket? Are they concentrated in a specific geographic area? How about a common industry (for B2B)? Are there any other similarities can you identify?

This exercise will help you identify key information about your most profitable customers and how you came to do business with them. Narrowing the field this way will help you focus your marketing message, offerings and efforts on your prospects with highest potential.

Now that you have established a profile for your prospective ideal customer, you'll need to figure out how to get a hold of them. There are numerous ways to gather this information, both for B2C and B2B companies. Many organizations keep a robust in-house database. Others make use of third-party data providers. As long as the data is clean and matches the profile you have identified, you should be on the right track.

Make no mistake: This process is not a silver bullet to sales success. Any well-groomed sales person will tell you that thorough research must be conducted prior to reaching out to any prospective customer. In most industries, you'll only get prospects' attention if you're offering a solution that meets their needs or desires. By arming yourself with enough information and making your offer as close to irresistible as possible, your chances of increasing your conversion rates will be much better. So take the time to profile your ideal prospects, and go find them!

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