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How to use YouTube to promote your brand

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While YouTube is not often the most talked about marketing tactic for a brand, it can greatly complement your marketing efforts by giving your audience an additional channel to absorb your information. In fact, video marketing may become an even greater channel for your brand as online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016, according toThe Hayzlett Group. Statistics show that over 1 billion users spend more than 4 billion hours watching YouTube videos each month, which means that maybe now is the time to enhance your brand's YouTube presentation. Here are a few ideas to get your video marketing rolling on YouTube:

Share big news. Delight your followers by giving them insight with video announcements of new store openings, new products, awards or other happenings in your business. Sometimes a video is the best way to give details without requiring too much of your audience's time.

Educate others.Use videos to help answer frequent questions from your customers. If you're in the marketing industry, for instance, you might create a video tutorial on how to set up a Facebook advertisement campaign. In the retail industry, you might show how to properly clean a 'hand wash only' garment. Although these videos aren't necessarily 'selling' your product or service, they do demonstrate your expertise in the industry, which gives your brand credibility.

Cover events.If you're holding an exciting event, make sure you get video coverage of the highlights. You can then use this footage to create a small video as a follow up to your event extending your publicity even after the event is over.

Highlight successes.Use video testimonials to share the stories of your satisfied customers. It adds a human touch and also builds trust in your brand by connecting real people with your audience.

Make use of the analytics tool.You can learn a great deal from your analytics report. By closely studying your viewer's preferences, you can improve the quality of your content, graphics, and the length of your videos.TheOverviewsection of YouTube Analytics gives you a snapshot of your videos' performance. You can group videos together to compare them against other groups or videos, or you can get an overview of a single video. This is handy if you want to compare the engagement or demographics of two similar videos, or if you want to compare a set of videos from one campaign against another.

TheViewssection will give you a detailed look into the number of views per day. You can also selectEstimated Minutes Watchedto see how long the video was watched for the period of time you selected (default is set to the last 28 days). SelectCompare Metricto view a chart with both data. This information will correlate the number of views per day with the number minutes watched per day. If you scroll down, you'll see which geographic location composed the most views.

If you're wondering how viewers are finding your video, this information can be found underTraffic Sources. Common sources include external website, YouTube channel page, YouTube suggested video and embedded player. If you click on any of these sources, you're given more detailed information on the geography and date of the view. Additionally, when you click onExternal Website, you can see which websites pointed viewers to your video. You can use this information to make keyword changes to have your video be found more often in Google searches or to increase your social sharing.

One of my favorite features is theDevicesanalytics report , which tells you what type of devices people are using to view your video a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. You can even find out which operating system was used (i.e. Windows, Macintosh, Android, etc). While this information might seem like more than you need, it is telling you about your viewers and their behaviors, which could influence some of your other marketing strategies.

The most useful tool for marketers in YouTube Analytics is theAudience Retention. According to YouTube, 'Absolute Audience Retention shows the views of every moment of the video as a percentage of the number of video views.' What this means is that you can see exactly where in the video you are losing your viewers. This information can help you modify future videos to avoid this negative response from your audience and hopefully keep them watching for the full video.

While these are just a few of the analytics reports that YouTube provides, you can certainly learn a lot by viewing the statistics of your video. While your video may show up in search results or on YouTube's suggested videos, a good portion of your viewers will come from other sources, such asyour websiteorsocial media. Always post your videos through various channels, and don't be afraid to share them more than once! Videos can be very time consuming and costly, so post them frequently to get the biggest exposure for your buck.


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