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How to incorporate Pinterest in your marketing

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Pinterest is a fast-growing social platform that can be used to store and share images associated with your brand. It can be also helpful in driving traffic to your website, and can serve as a powerful link building technique to support your current SEO program.

The cool thing about Pinterest is that it is overwhelmingly positive in nature. People don't pin complaints, or negative interactions - they pin their passions.

According to a research conducted by Internet Marketing Inc, 80 percent of Pinterest's users are female. Seventy-five percent of all users are between 25 and 54 years of age; they are well educated (85 percent have some level of college education), and with an average annual household income of $50k or more.

If your target audience includes women, and offers products or services that have interesting visual content to share, Pinterest is a platform that can put you in touch with more than 100 million females with potential discretionary income. How? Here are a few simple ways to use Pinterest in your marketing:

  1. Market research Find out what your target audience is passionate about
  2. Branding Promote your presence and make your brand more visible
  3. Staying in touch with your customers Monitor your board and be responsive
  4. Viral marketing Promote pin contests, show different facets of your business, and more
  5. SEO All of your pins will link back to their original source, which is a great link building strategy

If you haven't hopped aboard the Pinterest train yet, I strongly recommend giving it a try. It is not only an effective marketing tool, but a fun platform as well. For more detailed information on how to use it, check their guide page at and have fun while working on your pin board!

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