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How to craft a winning elevator speech message

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Small business owners and sales people are usually very good at summing up the benefits of their products/services in a way that triggers the start of a more in-depth conversation. This skill, also known as "the elevator pitch," has been in practice for many years, and it can pave the road to successful business development that is, if you have a winning message.

The main purpose of an effective elevator speech is to capture your audience's attention quickly. Following are some ideas to help you craft a new elevator speech or check if your current one is as good as it can be:

1. Always begin with your name, job title and affiliation

2. Explain your business offer and how your audience could benefit from it think value or solution to a need.

3. Explain with carefully chosen words what sets your business apart from the competition what makes you unique, and why should the listener care?

You only have 30 seconds to pique the interest of your audience and lead them to a conversation. Needless to say, you should modify your speech according with your target audience the value your product/service provides to your audience's specific need and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Avoid jargon, acronyms, hyperbole and slang. Keep your speech simple and focused. Be prepared to answer questions that might be relevant to your audience. Do your homework and arm yourself with strategic answers. Make a solid impression through eye contact and a confident tone of voice.

And remember, it's not about you, but rather what you can do for the listener. The purpose of the elevator speech is to get you a second meeting - not a sale.

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