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The Intown Plaza welcomes new store, Robert O. Cupcake

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The Intown Plaza welcomes new store, Robert O. Cupcake edge photo by Justina Stubbs
Sweet shop specializes in toys, not desserts

BANGOR - When business owners Nancy and Mark Roe decided to move from Machias to Bangor, they knew they wanted to bring their toy store with them. And since they were changing their surroundings, the duo also decided to change the name of their shop when they relocated to the Intown Plaza on Harlow Street.

"The name Robert O. Cupcake was the name of my daughter's imaginary friend, which was no friend of my husband's," Nancy Roe explained with a chuckle.

She said their daughter would call her husband at work and disguise her voice, saying she was Robert. O Cupcake, a friend of his daughter, and then proceed to make requests on behalf of the little girl.

"In Machias, the store was called the Toy Box," said Roe. "It came about four or five years ago when we had a party store and we brought in a few toys, people just got so excited. Then once we started doing this [with toys] I realized I didn't want any other job."

Roe said her shop specializes in non-electronic, developmental and educational types of toys that inspire kids to use their imaginations.

"I try and seek out unique and interesting toys," she said. "Melissa & Doug is our featured line. They have a lot of developmental toys."

You'll find everything from toy trains and farms with livestock to arts, crafts, costumes and puppets at Robert O. Cupcake.

"I get to play with them [all] when they come in," said Roe. "It's quality control."

However, she'd like to see a lot more people come through the doors now that the business has settled into its new home.

"I don't have enough people stopping in, but those who do come in just love it," she said.

Robert O. Cupcake is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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