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Schnitzel's Austrian Grill rolls into Bangor

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Schnitzel's Austrian Grill rolls into Bangor Schnitzel's Austrian Grill rolls into Bangor PHOTO COURTESY Kirsten Pilot

BANGOR - The popular Cielos Mexican Grill food truck may be closed for the season, but owner Kirsten Pilot isn't taking the winter off. She plans to brave the cold by cooking up a storm from her new food truck, Schnitzel's. 

"It's a completely different type of food truck. It's a winterized truck where we serve Austrian-German food," explained Pilot. "All the items are items that my mother or grandmother cooked for me as a child."

Dishes such as bratwurst, currywurst and of course schnitzel are all featured on the menu. 

"Schnitzel is a thin pounded piece of meat, lightly breaded and fried. In general it's veal but we're not going to do veal because it's way too expensive. We carry pork, chicken and haddock schnitzel," said Pilot. "We also have gulasch on the menu that is the original recipe of my grandmother's."

Pilot and her family believe tapping into her German heritage just may attract more customers to her roaming restaurant than her summertime Mexican dishes.

"Most of the family members are sure this concept will be more successful than Cielos because it's fried meat, and who doesn't like a fried piece of meat? More people are used to that," she said. "A lot of times we heard people say, 'We don't eat Mexican, it's too spicy,' or 'I don't like beans.' But the variety with Schnitzel's is much bigger than what you have on Cielos and because of that I think Schnitzel's will attract an additional crowd that we can't attract to Cielos."  

Schnitzel's customers are also encouraged to pre-order their food so they don't have to wait outside the truck for a hearty meal.

"Cielos is more like a rolling restaurant, and this here is like a drive thru," said Pilot.

Schnitzel's will be located in the Kmart parking lot on Hogan Road from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. five days a week, weather permitting.

"January, February and March people are required to check the truck schedule because we are not running when we're talking negative degrees. We can do it every day, Tuesday through Saturday, as long as it's over 10 degrees."

For more details, including the truck schedule and menu log, on to or find them on Facebook. Those wishing to pre-order should call 517-2613.


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