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NachoTree Design

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BROOKS - Creating the right brand for your business can be a challenge, which is why getting someone who can think outside the box can be a lifesaver.

NachoTree Design is a new print and design business that offers services in logo creation, brochure and business card design and more. Owner Chris Quimby hopes his background, unique take on life and sense of humor set him apart from other businesses.

'If I can say this without sounding arrogant, I'm very likable. [I'm] drawing from my personality, love for people and years of customer service experience to make the client-artists relationship enjoyable and memorable,' he said in an online interview. 'I provide an experience and a product that creates its own word-of-mouth marketing and increases their own excitement in what they do.'

Quimby has worked as a graphic artist for the Bangor Daily News, learning much of his craft on the job, and he said he worked hard to earn the respect of his peers in the field.

And what's in a name? When asked about NachoTree as his business name Quimby, who is also a stand-up comedian, replied:

'I have a joke in my act about the confident declaration of many that if they were in the Garden of Eden, they simply would not have taken the forbidden fruit. I know that I wouldn't because I just do not care for fruit,' he joked. 'However, if it were a nacho tree, that would be difficult. I'd probably take a few off and God would look down upon me, disapprovingly, and state, That's nacho tree.'

'I like names that are cryptic. They make people wonder, open a dialogue, and allow me to separate my brand,' he said.

Quimby's target market is small- to medium-sized businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs looking to cultivate their brands. For more information visit You can also email Quimby at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 207-557-3251.


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