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Music man mends broken instruments at Hammond Street store

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Bangor Brass & Woodwind Repair owner Joe Shaw repairs a saxophone inside his new business on Hammond St. Bangor Brass & Woodwind Repair owner Joe Shaw repairs a saxophone inside his new business on Hammond St.

BANGOR - Joe Shaw is a lover of all things music. After years of working on flutes, saxophones and numerous other instruments at the Bangor Music Center, Shaw decided it was time to finally start his own music business. So in May, he opened the doors to Bangor Brass & Woodwind Repair on Hammond Street.

"I always wanted my own shop, so when Bangor Music Center on Harlow Street closed it was just the push I needed," Shaw explained.

Being able to purchase a lot of the tools and parts necessary to mend broken instruments from the Bangor Music Center also played a big role in Shaw's decision to go out on his own.

"That helped me make the decision [to do it]," Shaw said. "Otherwise it would've been a big financial burden to set up a business."

Besides tools and parts, Shaw has also obtained a lot of his former employer's customers.

"A lot of the business they did was servicing horns at schools. Working for them for 13 years, I know a lot of the band teachers, so I'll continue servicing them as well," Shaw said. "Music education is so important in schools and it needs to continue. It probably will, but it's all subject to the economy and consolidation."

When he's not helping students make melodious sounds on their instruments, Shaw will be refurbishing other music makers to sell.

"I'm not going to get high-priced instruments because there's not a market for it. I'll be refurbishing instruments to sell to beginner students," he said. "I'm here to support beginners, learners and hobbyists."

And this music man admits he has a particular fondness for repairing tenor saxophones.

"The key work is laid out and it's easier to bend," Shaw explained.

This new business owner is excited to be his own boss, listening to tunes in his shop while repairing instruments that will make music for years to come.

"There's just something about taking something that's broken and making it work, making it play again," he said.

Bangor Brass and Woodwind Repair located at 611 Hammond Street is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment only. For more information, call 659-7227.


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