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Mexican food mobile returns to Bangor

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BANGOR - Cielo's is on a roll again. Bangor's only Mexican food truck is getting ready to set up shop for its third year in a row at the Kmart parking lot on Hogan Road. That's where customers will be able to get their fix of homemade burritos, tacos, salads, bowls and more five days a week.

"You can go vegetarian one day or you can have chicken, steak, a bowl or burrito another day. It's a full meal. You have your meat, veggies and rice, it's perfect," said Kirsten Pilot, owner of Cielos Mexican Grill food truck.

After this year's long and brutally cold winter, Pilot is looking forward to parking her bright yellow Schnitzel's Austrian Grill truck, which she affectionately calls Rudi. This past season was the first time Pilot operated a food truck in Maine during the winter.

"Schnitzel's is a very special concept. We were shut down more than we were open because we can't operate in negative degrees," she explained. "But in a couple of years we'll have the same number of customers and success with Schnitzel's that we do with Cielos."

Pilot plans to slide behind her unmistakable lime green Cielos Mexican Grill truck named Mathilda this May to offer customers food with a little heat and a lot of spice.

"Cielos has been such a big hit. But you're never a pro. You learn every day, and what I've learned is owning a food truck is the same amount of work as having a restaurant, which I'm familiar with in Europe," she said.

So for Pilot, that means every day is a day of work.

"We do caterings in the evenings, prep one day and office work one day," she said.

But all that planning and chopping, stirring and serving has paid off. Cielos now has a long line of loyal, repeat customers and is completely booked with catering commitments until the end of August.

"We're doing a lot of weddings and private company events which is very good," said Pilot. "We're so booked we have to turn people away."

Fortunately Jennifer Folsom of Glenburn has never been one of them. She's been a faithful Cielos customer since the food truck first rolled into the Queen city.

"I am a huge fan," said Folsom. "I visit at least once a week. My favorite item has to be the chicken burrito bowl with extra chicken, black beans and all the fixings."

Folsom said there's just nothing else like it in the area.

"It's quicker than your typical sit down restaurant and tastier than your typical fast food venue. I just can't help myself," said Folsom.

Offering Folsom, the numerous other regulars and even first time customers fresh and flavorful food is something Pilot said she'll just never tire of.

"I love what I do and I love my customers. It's all fresh food that makes the difference, and how can you ever get tired of fresh food?"

Cielos will be open Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-1:30 p.m. beginning May 22. For more information including a list of menu items, log on to or check them out on Facebook.


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