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Making the grade and beyond

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NESCom wins! NESCom wins!

NESCom wins three Maine Association of Broadcasters awards

BANGOR - Hard work pays off and no one knows that more than the students at the New England School of Communications. The school recently won three Maine Association of Broadcasters Awards for the student's work on WHSN, the campus radio station.

"It's pretty exciting for students when they can see their work acknowledged alongside the people that may one day be their employers," said Mark Nason, WHSN station manager.

Nason submitted eight entries in five different categories on behalf of the students. Those entries, which were up against award submissions from radio professionals in the state's commercial and non-commercial industry, were then judged by the Montana Broadcasting Association. 

"Two of our winners came from our news [department] at WHSN. Our news feature won second place and public affairs won first place in the state," said Nason. 

Journalism student Tim Stitson was at last month's awards banquet to accept his award for his feature on "Grandma Husson," the most experienced employee within Husson University's Dining Services.

"Grandma Husson stands out as far as the kitchen staff at the dining hall. She's like everyone's grandma," said Stitson. "She'll look at you, wink and ask if you want your vegetables. Even if you say no, she gives them to you anyway."

Stitson said her demeanor not only brought a little slice of home to campus living, but it also made him want to learn more about those around him and share their stories.

"Before this I was a history major, so this [award] has given me confidence that I'm in the right place," he said. "It's a good stepping stone and hopefully there's a lot more things to come."

Journalism instructor Jeffrey Hope is thrilled to see his students receive statewide recognition for their talents.

"I'm very pleased about this. The fact that our students are winning awards against professional work indicates that our journalism department is not only preparing students for future jobs, but remains completely relevant to a business that is in constant flux.'

NESCom also took home a second place award for its old-time radio drama, "Edgar Allan Poe's Tale of Mystery and Imagination." Around Halloween, the students majoring in audio engineering, radio broadcasting, live sound technology and entertainment production re-create the days of classic radio theater complete with live sound effects. And this isn't the first time the show has been recognized. In 2011, NESCom won a first place award for the production from the Broadcast Education Association. Nason said any student is truly capable of creating award-winning work as long as they put their minds to it.

"I hope they understand if they're willing to put in the work there's nothing that says their content isn't as valuable as something being done in commercial field."


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