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Local designers make copper jewelry out of old Bangor Library roof

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Copper from Bangor Public Library roof Copper from Bangor Public Library roof photo courtesy of Maine Jewelry & Art

BANGOR - Maine Jewelry & Art is attracting a lot of new customers these days who are looking to get their hands on a piece of one of their favorite childhood destinations. Last month, the owners of the Harlow Street jewelry store began making earrings, bracelets and bookmarks from the 102-year-old copper roof that's being replaced on the Bangor Public Library. Those pieces were then auctioned off to help the library with its renovations and requests for the unique items have been stacking up ever since.

"I knew there'd be a big response, but I didn't know it would be this big. They're selling like hotcakes," said Roxanne Munksgaard, jewelry designer and co-owner of Maine Jewelry & Art. "We got requests from as far away as Paris, France."

Munksgaard along with her business partners and fellow jewelry designers Amanda Coburn and Anne Reigstad are working around the clock to preserve and incorporate the green patina that covered the old library roof into each and every creation they put together. 

"We're trying to be creative because everyone wants a piece of this Bangor history. We're working day and night making business card holders, bookmarks, pendants, earrings, tie tacks, broaches and rings," she explained.

Lisa Frazell, the library's director of marketing and development agrees that the jewelry stirs up fond memories for many area patrons. 

"We were completely blown away by the reaction and interest. We knew a lot of people considered the library to have some sort of tie to their childhood, and to have Roxanne and her team make the jewelry just solidified that and the love people have for the library," explained Frazell.

Munksgaard said so far bookmarks and teardrop earrings are the store's top sellers.

"It's just interesting - we're selling the old copper roof so that they can afford the new copper roof," said Munksgaard.

However, there is a limited amount of the old roofing available, so Maine Jewelry & Art won't be able to keep its cases stocked with these items for long.

"Right now we definitely have what we need to make some for the next few months, but if sales keep up this way, we'll just have to see," said Munksgaard.

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