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Wicked Brew aims to be a neighborhood coffee shop

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Customers sit in the new Wicked Brew Coffee Bar, which recently opened on Park Street in Bangor. Owner Kate Proctor says the reception of the new cafe by the community has been very strong thus far. Customers sit in the new Wicked Brew Coffee Bar, which recently opened on Park Street in Bangor. Owner Kate Proctor says the reception of the new cafe by the community has been very strong thus far. (edge photo by Matthew Cunha)

Owner Kate Proctor’s newly-opened establishment a family-run affair.

BANGOR - Owner of the new Wicked Brew coffee shop Kate Proctor recently moved back to Bangor from Portland. With money in hand from selling her house for a profit, she decided to create a long talked about coffee shop with her family.

“We had been talking about it for so long but it is so expensive, I had a good amount of money and I decided to put it to good use. I knew we could do this, so I said let's just do it,” said Proctor.

Her dad Kevin MacLellan Sr. is an “old coffee guy” who ran a coffee shop in Bangor back in the 90’s called the Daily Grind. After a 20-year absence, Kevin MacLellan Sr. is back to being a barista after spending time as a house painter.

“I have always had an affinity for good quality coffee, ask my daughter,” said Kevin.

Kevin also painted the big mural inside Wicked Brew along with many of the paintings on the wall. “He went to UMO a decade or so ago for fine arts,” said Proctor.

Kevin Sr. built the canopy, counter, picnic tables, half wall and laid the carpet, said Proctor.

“My dad was in here from February, March, and April working on the space,” she said. “Everything he tries to do he is good at and he always puts everything into it. He will not settle for OK. It has to be perfect.”

A couple of the booths inside Wicked Brew are from the old Howard Johnson on the Odlin road. Other features inside Wicked Brew include antiques from the old Ivy & Lace store. Wicked Brew replaced Ivy & Lace as the tenant at 173 Park St.

Other family members involved include Proctor’s sisters Marri and Lexi MacLellan and brother Kevin Jr. Proctor’s 14-year-old daughter Skyla works part-time at Wicked Brew.

“Everybody fits in a spot,” said Proctor.  “We all have our own place.”

“Right now we learning everything” said Marri MacLellan.

Of course, Wicked Brew employs more than just family members. After spending many hours behind the Espresso machine as the only in-house Barista, Kevin MacLellan said he ne needed help. Wicked Brew hired trained barista Theo Mahony.

Mahony, from London, is trained to the 1Speciality Coffee Association of America standards. He left England and get trained in Pittsburgh. After a detour in Phoenix, he moved to Bangor. “It was a fresh start,” said Mahony.

Proctor wants Wicked Brew to be a community cornerstone.

“I really want it to be like a neighborhood coffee shop. I want to be good for the community,” said Proctor. “I think everybody likes coffee, everybody likes a cool place to hang out.”

“You rarely see people on their cellphones in here, they are enjoying the space even though we have free Wi-Fi,” said Kevin MacLellan Sr. “We knew that Bangor really lacked this kind of space. No one really combined coffee with a nice atmosphere.”

Wicked Brew sells Wicked Joe coffee, another family-run Maine business. Wicked Brew’s baking comes from Biggi’s Organic Breads, which is located right around the corner, while the bagels come from Bagel Central in downtown Bangor. All the products are vegan and organic, said Proctor.

The emphasis is on quality at a fair cost, she said. “I don’t want anyone to be hindered by the cost. I don't want people to feel guilty they bought a coffee.”

“We don’t have any flavored coffees, no hazelnut, no vanilla, none of that, we just have one house coffee,” said MacLellan Sr. “The rest of it is all handcrafted coffee. Every coffee is made by hand. It is not sitting in a pot somewhere. It is a little more than you are gonna pay elsewhere, but you are gonna get some good service and a top-notch product.”

Coffee translates to everybody, said Proctor. “We want everyone to be able to come in here,” said Proctor.

The coffee industry brings out a business-friendly diversity, according to MacLellan Sr.

“People from all over have come in here and they all say the same thing, they are surprised this place exists in Bangor Maine. I hit a nerve we guess,” he said. “If you provide a real good quality product, people will come back everyday.”

So far, the reception has been strong.

“We are doing really well, couldn't be happier with the turnout,” said Kevin MacLellan Sr.

Wicked Brew is open from 6 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Fridays and 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturdays, with the goal to eventually be open 7-7 once they get more staff. Live music will be provided on Art Walk nights during the summer with the aim to have it once a week in the future.


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