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Come stay at the Dutton House Inn

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Come stay at the Dutton House Inn (edge photo by Sienna Barstow)

Bangor’s former almshouse gets new life as short-term living

BANGOR - If you have ever wanted to live in a debtor’s prison, a hospital, college dorm, or an almshouse, you can now get the full effect at The Dutton House Inn.

The Dutton House Inn at 629 Main St. in Bangor has a rich history. The brick building was built in the 1820’s. At first it was a farm. After its life as a farm ended, it went on to live numerous subsequent lives - poorhouse, business college, hospital, debtor’s prison, Beal College dorm, Manna Ministries Inc. headquarters, a clinic and now temporary housing.

Dutton Properties bought the 35,000-square foot building for $390,000 last fall and decided to use the space for housing. As Parker Dresser, co-owner of the inn, explained, “There’s a large need for housing for temporary workers and students in the area.”

Not only is The Dutton House Inn historic short-term housing, it is also inexpensive. Dresser explained that most landlords urge students to pay for a yearlong lease but The Dutton House Inn offers daily, weekly and monthly rates.

“If it’s just a solo person, this is the way to go,” he added.

The Dutton House Inn includes 40 rooms, a pool table area, dining room, shared bathrooms, a TV room, computer room and library. There are slight variations to the many rooms, but all come with cable television, free Wifi and a refrigerator. There is also an incoming café and gym.

The building was not always this welcoming; it took some doing to ensure the place was habitable. After Dutton Properties bought the building, lengthy renovations took place.

“We gave everything a face lift, updated everything to code including electrical, doors, glass windows, paint, some flooring and a lot of furniture,” said Dresser.

And the hard work of renovation isn’t complete yet. Dresser explained that 12 additional rooms will open up after more revamping.

If ghosts do not scare you, look into spending a night - or a month - at The Dutton House Inn.

(For more information about the inn, check out The Dutton House on Facebook.)


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