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Bangor Market Bazaar opens on Hogan Road

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Bangor Market Bazaar opens on Hogan Road (photo courtesy Bangor Market Bazaar/Facebook)

BANGOR - The Bangor Market Bazaar has opened for business. Located on Hogan Road, a wide variety of local food sellers, artisans, and other vendors offer their wares inside the spacious building that was once Kmart. The Bazaar is open every Sunday and will be open Saturdays as well during the holidays.

Bazaar Director Norman Braveman took the time to speak to the Maine Edge.

“I have traveled across the country looking for these types of things, and the reason primarily for what it (the Bazaar) is, it serves a useful purpose. Everybody can be an entrepreneur. Everyone has their own separate businesses and they run them as they wish.”   

Along with his colleagues, Braveman, who previously sold auto insurance for the Quirk Auto Group, developed the idea for the Bazaar last year.

“It was an idea. I came out of retirement and wanted something to keep me busy. The Quirks had the property and asked ‘What do we do with this property?’ So we put our heads together and came up with this.”

One of Braveman's many duties is to look for new vendors. Since opening on Nov. 4, the Bazaar has welcomed 100 local vendors - the building’s maximum capacity.

“We look for artisans and craftsman,” Braveman said. “For example, we have seamstresses, leatherworkers, jewelers, wood carvers, collectables, farmers market vendors, and more. There is something for everybody and a price range for everybody.”

To the foodies out there: Don’t worry, there's plenty to keep you happy, too. The homemade pie and baked goods vendors are some of the most popular stalls at the Bazaar. The building is equipped with cameras and security, so vendors can choose to leave their stall and wares at the Bazaar until the following Sunday, noted Braveman.

Unofficial reports of the number of shoppers ranged from 1,000 to 5,000 on opening day and on the following Sunday, despite the established competition in the area.

“What sets us apart from the competition is that we don’t charge admission,” explained Braveman, noting that similar situations in the area charge a fee upon admission.

As of now, the Bazaar opens Sundays only.

“Many of the vendors have other jobs and work during the week so they are unable to come in more,” said Braveman.

The decision to open exclusively on Sundays was made to accommodate the vendors. In the future, the Bazaar will open Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Christmas and during other holidays. Guests can expect plenty of holiday crafts perfect for gifting in the coming weeks.

After a successful two weeks, Braveman recalled the most rewarding feeling for him: “It started from nothing - just an idea and I developed it. There’s great self-satisfaction in that.”


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