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A one-stop resource for all things Bangor

BANGOR: More and more people these days get their facts online, and a new project is looking towards the web to gather, organize and present all you need to know about Bangor. The website is

The brainchild of Steven Remington, a local businessman, it grew from serendipitous circumstances. According to Remington, the germ of the idea originated from a wish to see a directory of restaurants online, complete with menus.

In the last year or two Bangor has gone online, Remington said. Bangorpedia is the latest installment in a series of Bangor-related websites, including, and

The goal of Bangorpedia is to provide a one stop reference for anything Bangor. Articles range in topic from restaurants to arts and culture to history. The project is expected to expand to include all communities in the Greater Bangor Area.

Bangorpedia is not the first project Remington has headed. Previously, he founded Skinny Moose Media, a popular hunting and outdoor recreation blog network. Created in 2004, it took off in 2006 and was under Remingtons leadership until 2010 when he sold majority stake to a company out of Michigan. In 2011, he sold the remaining stakes. He hopes to replicate the success of Skinny Moose with Bangorpedia.

Currently, the project is in the beta stage and continues to grow every day. Remington is excited about the potential for the site, especially that it has grown bigger than expected. The Board for Bangorpedia first met in the spring of 2012 to discuss the creation of an online resource for Bangor. It has gone through several stages since 2012. Most of the material for the site is put together by a team of writers and editors who do the research and assemble the data. Presently, the writing staff is a group of volunteers. Remington and the Board have hopes of seeing the staff grow.

The primary goal for Remington and the staff is to capture the feel of Bangor. Bangor has its own feel, Remington said. Much of the content highlights the interconnection of events, people and places of Bangor. Very few things can be said to not have an immediate connection or impact on anything else. Remington wants to honor the sense of community with uplifting articles.

The site will serve as a center for Mainers to check out what is happening or happened in Bangor. From there it can become a hub to reconnect with the past and see the history made every day.

This and other related encyclopedia sites, such as Wikipedia, now serve as the primary vehicle for most people to access the collected knowledge of today. The internet has come to replace the oral traditions that passed down history and culture from one generation to another.

Remington said that once Bangorpedia reaches a wider audience, he hopes to bring in advertisers and sponsors. Part of this is letting Bangorpedia realize its potential as a promotional tool. Currently, there are no major sponsors for the site, but since it is still in the beta stage, Remington remains hopeful that the Bangor area will see the potential in the site.

For more information about the Bangorpedia project, visit or check out the Bangorpedia Facebook page. Anyone interested in participating as a writer and researcher, contact Bangorpedia at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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