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White board wisdom

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I was sitting in a conference room in a meeting about something to do with something but not anything to do with this column! What I'm writing about is what caught my eye in the conference room during one of those moments when my mind wandered (not that I wasn't paying full attention!). This is what was written on a white board, left there from a previous meeting.

'Learn to inspire the men and women who work for you. Learn to lift them up to give them meaningful responsibility to allow them room to grow. And YES even to make mistakes! Be slow to judge.'

I don't know who wrote this, but I thank them. Well said! This can be applied if you're a boss, a business owner or if you lead any kind of team.

Leaders who follow this advice will build loyalty, trust, a strong team capable of getting things done and people who are excited, happy, stimulated and willing to do what it takes to succeed! Give your people a long leash, let them try, let them succeed - and let them fail. When they do, have their backs and be there to help them learn from it to build their confidence. It's only when we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort levels that we achieve real success! If your workers fear 'getting in trouble,' they will take the safe route and never strive to be their best. That not only hurts them - it hurts the organization.

To all the leaders out there, whether you lead at work, on the playing field, in a volunteer organization or at home, please cut this out and paste it somewhere you won't forget it, and write it on a white board in your office. Whoever is there for the next meeting will take away a little wisdom the next time they're distracted.


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