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What we girls want!

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'Tis the season for retailers to pay attention to what we girls want and when I speak of 'girls,' I'm talking about women who are just hitting their prime in their 40s and 50s and beyond! These are the women who are going to be out and about shopping for their children, grandchildren, parents, nieces/nephews, siblings, co-workers, friends and neighbors for the holidays. Many of these women are accomplished, successful and confident - with enough life experience to know what they want and what they don't!

I'm one of these women, and I asked my Facebook friends who fall into this category for their thoughts when it comes to what they want from retailers.

Pay attention retailers!

~ We want to be treated well and won't continue to do business with a retailer where customer service is lacking. Sheri commented, 'I do not shop, eat or spend money where I'm not treated well. It's the one non-negotiable that I won't compromise. Life is too short.'

~We can't see as well as we used to. It's embarrassing and awkward to have to reach for our reading glasses to read a price tag or menu - or to have to carry a mini-flashlight to read a menu in a dimly-lit restaurant. We will stay longer and spend more if you make it easy for us to see what we're doing!

~We need to go to the bathroom! You'll score major points with us if you not only allow us to use your restroom but invite us to use it. We like easy (guilt-free) access, cleanliness and little touches like nice soap! If we find ourselves 'having to go' with no place to go, we'll leave our purchases behind or rush out with fewer items to find a bathroom somewhere else. That is not good for your bottom line.

~We don't have the time or patience for specials, coupons, email offers or contests at check out. Once we're ready to check out, we want to get out! Many of us avoid retailers who make checking out feel like we're being interrogated. Do you have your rewards card? Are you collecting game pieces? If you spend ten dollars more, you'll get 10 percent off your next purchase! What is your email? Zipcode? etc., etc., etc.

~We like a good deal, but we get really annoyed when we pay full price for an item only to see it discounted days or weeks later. We prefer good quality at consistently fair prices with a sale now and then, rather than too many promotions and sales.

~Turn it down! Music that is so loud we can't hear ourselves think or talk with others is a huge turn off. We are not old geezers. We do enjoy cranking our tunes, but when we're out shopping or dining we want to feel calm and relaxed and not have to yell to be heard.

~Don't make us wait. We're busy women. We've got places to go, things to do. If we have to wait at the checkout or wait for a table for too long, we're going to head somewhere else or not come back. We know this can't always be prevented, and once in a while it's acceptable. But retailers who consistently make us wait will lose our business.

~Don't limit the number of items we can take into the dressing room. I guarantee that if you do, we'll try on less and buy less! We don't have time to count, carry in, try on, re-dress ad infinitum. We want to try on what we want, and we hate to feel we can't be trusted. We're just too old for that!

~Speaking of dressing rooms, we like to look good! Pay attention to how your dressing rooms and lighting make us look in your clothes. The better we look, the more we'll buy!

~Wrap it up! This time of year we'll take every chance we can get to save a little time. If you offer free gift wrapping that is nice and classy and well done, I guarantee you'll see more of us with our holiday lists!

~We'd like to take a break. We may need to check our email, or send a text, wait for a friend or simply rest our feet. Retailers with nice places to sit score points with us and will keep us in their businesses longer. Nancy commented, 'My elderly mother used to go shopping with me, and we left stores where she couldn't find a place to rest.'

Although this may sound like we ladies are picky and difficult, we're really not. These are easy things you can do to attract and keep our business. One thing I can tell you about us is that we're fiercely loyal. If we like doing business with you, I guarantee we'll be back and we'll tell our friends! Now, where did I put my reading glasses?


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